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Medicaid - GA Dept of Medical Assistance (DMA)

Ga Dept of Medical Assistance
2 Peachtree Street N.W. 39th floor
404-2981228; 800-766 2094 31446711_32383141 00.html

Age Groups Served (please check all that apply:)
Infants and Toddlers (birth - 2 years)
All Ages
Other Ages (specify): 
Geographic Areas Served:
Coastal Georgia
Middle Georgia
North Georgia / Atlanta
South Georgia
Statewide - all of Georgia
Other Geographic Details (specify):
Serves People with the Following Disabilities (please check all that apply):
Communication limitations
Learning limitations
Motor limitations
Personal care limitations (dressing, toileting, eating, etc.)
Sensory limitations (vision, hearning)
Other Demographics (specify):
Financial Eligibility (please check all that apply):
Source will pay for some portion of AT devices / services
Scholarships available
Source accepts private insurance
Source accepts Medicaid
Source accepts Medicare
Other Financial Eligibility details (specify):
Does the organization provide AT services?
Information about vendors / devices
Device demonstration
Help choosing right device / system
Help using current device appropriately
Device training
Fabricates special devices or adaptations
Repairs devices
Loans devices
Device rental
Financial help for device purchase
Help with insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare claim appeals
Technical assistance
Service coordination
Program advocacy
AT workshops
Other AT Services (specify) :
Does the organization provide AT Funding?
If yes, please indicate what services are provided; check all that apply)
Source sells devices
Source leases devices
  Source loans device or money
Source gives device free of charge
Source pays for at least part of device cost
Other Funding Details (specify):
Please indicate what types of AT devices the organization provides or provides services for:  (check all that apply)
Adapted toys
Computer access
Daily living devices
Educational aids
Environmental units
Hearing aids
Home modifications
Job Accommodations
Medical devices / supplies
Prosthetics / orthotics
Recreational aids
Seating / positioning
Vehicle modifications
Vision aids
Wheeled mobility
All AT devices
Comments (any other information you would like us to include about your organization):
Medicaid serves persons of ALL ages and ALL types of disabilities. Persons qualifying for Medicaid must meet income and resource tests for eligibility and be medically needy. Individuals must fit into specific categories and must have income and resources below specific thresholds. (Pregnant women and children through age 3 with family income at or below 185% of the federal poverty level children under six at or below 133% and all other children born after September 30 1983 (up to age 19) at or below 100%.) Persons over 65 years and persons with blindness or other disabilities may also be eligible. All persons who are receiving Supplementary Security Income (SSI) benefits from Social Security Administration are automatically eligible. Persons above the income limits may receive assistance by utilizing a spend-down procedure.