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ATIA 2020 Workshop: UDesign+Technology
There are many assistive technology (AT) solutions available today designed to address specific needs of individuals with disabilities. At the same time, technologies designed to meet the needs of the general consumer market are rapidly emerging and often adopted by users with disabilities as they discover these technologies can help them overcome challenges or barriers, while also supporting them in other everyday needs.

Join us for a fun and interactive design session as we work to address challenges experienced by people with disabilities and work toward concepts to solve those challenges. Whether you identify as an individual from the community, a practitioner, a technologist, a designer, or you are just interested in joining with others from a variety of backgrounds, you will learn to apply design thinking towards this problem space to brainstorm innovative ideas and solutions to these everyday challenges. This workshop will be a guided session to apply design thinking and you will learn how this process is applicable across different industries.
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01-29-2020 1:00pm
End Date/Time
01-29-2020 5:00pm
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