About AppFinder

Researching and locating new apps can be an overwhelming task. "Our Favorite Apps" database promises to help make your app search much easier. This database is a unique tool that will allow you to search for apps by disability or multiple disabilities as well as by price ranges and device types. Every app housed in this database has been used and/ or tested by one or more members of the Tools for Life team along with many of our peers from across the country including members of other Assistive Technology (AT) Act Programs, physical, occupational and speech language therapists; AT professionals; people with disabilities and other leaders in the disability community. You will also find reviews and comments from apps users across the country to help you make informed decisions before purchasing and using an app. With so many apps available, our Tools for Life App database will also link you to other app databases that were designed for specific disabilities.

Thank you for choosing "Our Favorite Apps" to help you find apps that you need for living, learning, working and playing! Tools for Life would like to thank Dr. Therese Willkomm, Director of the New Hampshire State Assistive Technology Program (ATinNH) at the Institute on Disability, for her expertise and contribution of apps for the Tools for Life App Database.