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What is gTRADE?

gTRADE is an online database where persons may list assistive technology items for sale, donation, or things they need. In recent years household recycling has become a daily activity. Assistive technology recycling provides an opportunity for those in need to access assistive technology items no longer needed by others. gTRADE is the place for individuals to either advertise used equipment for sale, donation, or express a need for a specific item(s).

Who Can Use this Service?

The program has been developed primarily for Georgians with disabilities and their families. The purpose is to get used equipment in the hands of those who need it, thus extending the useable life of assistive technology resources. Keeping in mind that this is an inclusive effort, interested Georgians, health care professionals, service providers, care givers, and individuals from surrounding states are invited to participate. Although gTRADE is based upon exchanges between individuals, links are provided to other assistive technology programs, as well as to vendors who have chosen to support this Tools For Life effort.

Is There a Cost?

gTRADE is FREE! There is no cost to use gTRADE to list an item for sale or donation. gTRADE is a person-to-person based system. Those listing equipment set their own price for any item(s) posted, and those seeking to acquire an item coordinate directly with the person selling or donating the equipment. Charges to transport items, etc. are worked out between the involved parties.

How Do I Use gTRADE


On Your Mind is the portion of gTRADE that lets users comment on the program and how it is serving your assistive technology needs. We ask for your comments on the utility of the program and any recommendations that you have to improve it. Your comments will be anonymous. To submit a comment form, go to On Your Mind.

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