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* Tools for Life http://www.gatfl.gatech.edu/   
* Tools for Life http://www.gatfl.gatech.edu/   
* Georgia Institute of Technology  http://www.gatech.edu/
* Georgia Institute of Technology  http://www.gatech.edu/
* Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services http://georgialibraries.org/glass/
* Washington Assistive Technology Act Program http://watap.org/  
* University of Washington, Center for Technology and Disability Studies http://uwctds.washington.edu/
* Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT) http://disabilities.temple.edu/

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*[[Media:Insert_Presentation.pdf ‎| AT 101: Begin With the End in Mind]]
*[[Media:GLC_2017_TFL_Overview.pdf ‎| Tools for Life Overview PDF Presentation]]

*[[Media:presentation_here.pdf | The Impact of Emerging Technology Trends on Individuals with Learning Disabilities]]
*[[Media:GLC_Sensory_Disabilities_2017.pdf ‎‎| Sensory Disabilities PDF Presentation]]

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==='''AT Lab Schedule'''===
==='''AT Lab Schedule'''===

'''Thursday, October 5 10:00am-5:00pm'''
'''Wednesday, February 15 3:00-6:00'''
*Lab Set-up - Everyone, will not take 3 hours
'''Thursday, February 16 9:30-6:00'''
*9:15-10- Dedicated Exhibitors Hours
*12:15- 1:15- In lab Jamie Prioli Read with Ease! Exploring Apps for Reading
*12:15-1:45- Dedicated Exhibitors Hours
*4:45-5:15- Dedicated Exhibitors Hours
'''Friday, February 17 9:30-6:00'''
*9:00-9:45- Dedicated Exhibitors Hours
*9:00-10:00- In Lab Jamie Prioli Staying Focused: Exploring Apps for Organization
*10:15-12:30 Success in the Workplace for Women with Learning Disabilities (Carolyn Phillips)
*10:15-11:15 Assistive Technology 101- Begin with the End in Mind (Carolyn Phillips, Maria Kelly, and Martha Rust)
*12:15-1:30- Dedicated Exhibitors Hours

*5:00-5:30- Dedicated Exhibitors Hours
*10:00am-10:45am - TFL Overview Presentation

'''Saturday, February 18 8:00-3:00'''

*9:15-10:00- Dedicated Exhibitors Hours
'''Friday, October 6 8:00am-12:00pm'''

*11:30- 12:30 The Impact of Emerging Technology Trends in Individuals with Learning Disabilities (Maria Kelly, Rachel Wilson, and Martha Rust)
*8:00am-8:45am - Sensory Disability Presentation

*12:00-1:15- Dedicated Exhibitors Hours
*3:00-6:00- Teardown, Will not take 3 hrs

==='''AT Solutions Lab Layout'''===
*[[Media:AT_Solutions_Lab.pdf ‎| LDA AT Solutions Lab]]
*[[Media:LDA_AT_Solutions_Lab_configuration.pdf ‎| DRAFT Basic LDA AT Solutions Lab Configuration]]

==='''AT Solutions Lab Equipment List'''===
==='''AT Solutions Lab Equipment List'''===
'''PIAT Equipment List'''
*laptop with Sonnocent Audio Notetaker
*Mini keyboards
*Handheld magnifiers
*iPad with apps, including Work Autonomy and KNFB Reader
*Telepresence Robot
*Android devices
*Kindle Fire
*Ram mounts
*laptop with WYNN, ClaroRead and ReadIt
*iPod touch
*Reading Pen
*Talking Dictionary
*Eye Pal Reader
*ergonomic seat
*Foot Fidget
*Wizcom SuperPen Scanner
*Optelect ClearReader +
*LiveScribe Echo
*Fidget toys
*make and take stress toys
*Laptop stand
*iGuys case-
*Big Grip Tablet
*Echo/ lock?
*med organizer
*medical bracelet
*pedal bike?
*fitness trackers
*DBHDD low tech AT
*low tech communication aids
*We will have our laptops

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AT Solutions Lab Partners

Creative, comprehensive use of technology and the Internet by students and teachers as the very best resource ever is the focus for the Technology Lab that will be available Wednesday through Friday at the LDA Conference.

The LDA|AMAC AT Solutions Lab is generously brought to you by:


AT Lab Schedule

Thursday, October 5 10:00am-5:00pm

  • 10:00am-10:45am - TFL Overview Presentation

Friday, October 6 8:00am-12:00pm

  • 8:00am-8:45am - Sensory Disability Presentation

AT Solutions Lab Equipment List