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*AAC/Communication:  low tech/high tech AT
*AAC/Communication:  low tech/high tech AT

*Swivel seat
*Swivel seat
*Handy bar  
*Handy bar  

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AT Solutions Lab

Assistive technology provides opportunities for productive and healthy living as we age. Solutions and new ideas will be available to explore in the Technology Lab that will be available Wednesday through Friday at the ADRC Healthy Communities Summit Conference. The AT Solutions Lab is generously brought to you by:

Tools for Life http://www.gatfl.gatech.edu/ Georgia Institute of Technology http://www.gatech.edu/

AT Lab Schedule

Wednesday 9:00-4:00 Thursday 8:30-5:00

Lab Set-up - Rachel Tuesday, June 7 (confirming time to set up- anticipate late in afternoon)

9-4:00 pm Rachel Wednesday, June 8

8:30pm-5:00pm Rachel Thursday, June 9

5:00 AT Lab Tear Down-

AT Solutions Lab Layout

LDA AT Solutions Lab

AT Solutions Lab Equipment List

TFL Equipment List


  • Feeding:
    • Liftware
    • Liftware level spoon
    • Built-up handle utensils
    • Divided Freedom plate
    • Plate guard
    • Dysem/non-slip mat
    • Universal cuff
    • 2-handle mug
    • 3-D printed soda can holder
  • Dressing:
    • Reacher
    • Dressing stick
    • Long shoe horn
    • Adaptive clothing- Zipcares
    • Adaptive shoe
  • Bathing/Personal:
    • Denture brush
    • Freedom wand
    • Long sponge
    • Medication management systems
    • Talking thermometer


  • Pebble
  • AbiSee


  • Pocket Talker
  • Comfort Duett
  • T.V. Soundbox
  • Chattervox
  • Memory: Reminder Rosie
  • AAC/Communication: low tech/high tech AT


  • Swivel seat
  • Handy bar
  • Grab bar
  • Bed assist
  • Roomba
  • Rear view car mirror


  • Epic ID bracelet
  • Yellow Safety Tape
  • Wander Alert

Computer access:

  • Selection of keyboards and mice for vision/arthritis
  • Mounts


  • Gardening/playing card holder
  • Fidget items

Other AT

  • Nature bright (light for mood)
  • Kubi
  • iPad and protective case: apps for memory, vision, emergency
  • Wearable technology: reminder watch
  • Mental health: anti-anxiety (weighted vest)
  • Glassous
  • Stationary Bike
  • Gaming
  • Beams

Walton Options Equipment List

  • Onyx HD CCTV
  • Topaz CCTV
  • DaVinci CCTV
  • Colorino
  • Talking Scale
  • Talking Watch
  • Talking Clock
  • Talking Kitchen Thermometer
  • Pocket Talker
  • Wilson Recorder
  • Reminder Rosie
  • "Lids Off" Electronic Jar Opener