ATIA 2022 - Orlando, FL

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Thursday, January 27

Searching for AT Solutions? ACCESS is Here to Help!

Come learn about the innovative suite of ACCESS Tools that we are building to help individuals with disabilities find AT solutions, strategies & accommodations needed for working, living, learning and playing. The ACCESS Tools are built upon the firm foundation of the national AT Network Database. The ACCESS Tools are utilizing the best practices in data modeling, machine learning, predictive analytics / algorithms, and crowd sourcing, built upon up-to-date AT information from experts within the AT Community. We will discuss Work ACCESS, ACCESS for Dementia, ACCESS for Aging Well, and the AT Network Database.

Session Presentation

What is Mastery of Assistive Technology and How Do We Measure It?

This session presents the findings of a Delphi Study of Mastery of Assistive Technology (AT) conducted at Georgia Tech’s Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation. We will share a conceptual framework for measuring mastery of AT, which maps the journey of individual users from "Novice" to "Power User" across four sub-scales of AT use. Participants will be invited to do a self-evaluation of their personal mastery of a particular AT solution followed by a discussion of this approach to measuring AT Mastery and its applicability to K-12, transition, and workplace settings.

Session Presentation

Friday, January 28

AT and Transition for Students with High Incidence Disabilities

Join Tucker and Stephen for this session which will explore their personal journeys as students living with disAbilities. We will share our perspectives on the transformational power of AT as we move through school onto whatever adventure is next. We will examine the positive outcomes that occurs when self-advocacy, inclusion, inclusive design, universal design for learning and appropriate assistive technology solutions are integrated into the lives of students with disAbilities. This session will provide participants with helpful tips and specific AT information to promote success in school and that can ultimately assist with smooth transitions into the workplace and community.

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Saturday, January 29

ATIA Maker Day 2022

AT makers join forces to share everything from low-tech solutions to modified technology solutions, and explore a wide range of creations that have helped solve challenges in the AT community.

What is ATIA Maker Day 2022? -- ATIA Maker Day 2022 is an opportunity to explore exciting innovations and learn from the AT maker community. It is open to all registered attendees and those holding free exhibit hall passes.

Who are makers? -- The maker community is comprised of people – high school STEM and robotics students, hobbyists and DIY electronics enthusiasts – who are interested in using their skills to create and make solutions for people with disabilities. These are not always experts in AT, but they have a myriad of interests and just simply like to solve problems and make things.


In-Person Focus Groups

Georgia Tech's Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation (CIDI) will be holding several focus groups slightly before, during, and after ATIA 2022 in Orlando, Florida. These will include:

  • Work ACCESS Decision Tree Development: Accommodations for Mental Health
    • Review and brainstorm problems and possible workplace accommodations or employees with mental health concerns.
    • $40 gift card compensation
      • Wednesday, January 26 at 1:30-3:45 p.m.