ATIA 2022 Conference Presentations Living Our Best Lives: Student Perspectives On The Power Of Assistive Technology

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Session Title: Living Our Best Lives: Student Perspectives On The Power Of Assistive Technology

Presenters: Tucker Phillips, Stephen Patrick Harvey and Carolyn Phillips - With Contributions From The Tfl Team

Session Description: Join Tucker & Stephen for this session which will explore their personal journeys as students living with disAbilities. We will share our perspectives on the transformational power of AT as we move through school onto whatever adventure is next. We will examine the positive outcomes that occurs when self-advocacy, inclusion, inclusive design, universal design for learning and appropriate assistive technology solutions are integrated into the lives of students with disAbilities. This session will provide participants with helpful tips and specific AT information to promote success in school and that can ultimately assist with smooth transitions into the workplace and community.

They have spoken at numerous conferences, campuses, schools and workshop throughout the US to thousands of people about the struggles and the Hope found in being twice exceptional.

Thank You for Joining Us today! Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe 3 AT features that support students with writing & reading.
  2. Identify 3 AT resources for strategies to support executive function.
  3. Describe 2 approaches to support students with disabilities through a "success breeds success" method.

PDF of Slides: