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Your Source for Assistive Technology Discounts in Georgia

  • AT Depot endeavors to break down the barriers which prevent individuals with disabilities, their families, and service providers from acquiring and effectively using Assistive Technologies to gain greater independence.
  • The Georgia AT Depot is a state-wide buying Cooperative for Assistive Technology for customers in the state of Georgia. The Georgia AT Depot is modeled after the Maryland AT Co-op, which has operated a successful cooperative buying program since 1998. The Georgia AT Depot is a collaborating partner with the Maryland Co-op. In this way we can provide Georgia customers the best discounts possible.

AT Depot, the Georgia Assistive Technology Cooperative, is child in wheelchairbased in the Georgia Tools for Life Network. This provides Georgians with several immediate advantages:

  • A network of local Assistive Technology Resources Centers (ATRCs) to serve AT Depot Customers with:
    • Training & Professional Development
    • Product demonstrations
    • Implementation services
    • Product Support
  • Credit-Able is Georgia’s Alternative Financing Program for Assistive Technology
    • Providing low-interest loans
    • Working through participating credit unions
    • Enabling Georgians with disabilities access to affordable financing
    • Used for Assistive Technology and Home & Vehicle Modifications

The Center for Financial Independence & Innovation

    • A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities and their family members advance their financial independence and security.

Computer and AT Device Reuse programs The Southeastern Technology Access and Reuse (STAR) Network is the distribution model that provides reused assistive technology (AT), computers, durable medical equipment, and home care equipment to centers that are members of the Network in Georgia and the Southeastern United States.

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