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Your Source for Assistive Technology Discounts in Georgia

  • AT Depot endeavors to break down the barriers which prevent individuals with disabilities, their families, and service providers from acquiring and effectively using Assistive Technologies to gain greater independence.
  • The Georgia AT Depot is a state-wide buying Cooperative for Assistive Technology for customers in the state of Georgia. The Georgia AT Depot is modeled after the Maryland AT Co-op, which has operated a successful cooperative buying program since 1998. The Georgia AT Depot is a collaborating partner with the Maryland Co-op. In this way we can provide Georgia customers the best discounts possible.

AT Depot, the Georgia Assistive Technology Cooperative, is child in wheelchairbased in the Georgia Tools for Life Network. This provides Georgians with several immediate advantages:

  • A network of local Assistive Technology Resources Centers (ATRCs) to serve AT Depot Customers with:
    • Training & Professional Development
    • Product demonstrations
    • Implementation services
    • Product Support
  • Credit-Able is Georgia’s Alternative Financing Program for Assistive Technology
    • Providing low-interest loans
    • Working through participating credit unions
    • Enabling Georgians with disabilities access to affordable financing
    • Used for Assistive Technology and Home & Vehicle Modifications

The Center for Financial Independence & Innovation

    • A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities and their family members advance their financial independence and security.

Computer and AT Device Reuse programs The Southeastern Technology Access and Reuse (STAR) Network is the distribution model that provides reused assistive technology (AT), computers, durable medical equipment, and home care equipment to centers that are members of the Network in Georgia and the Southeastern United States.

Disclaimer and Policy Statement


. . . negotiating AT discounts for you!

  • Making a Purchase
  • How to Order through AT Depot
  • Directions for Requesting a Quote
  • Featured Manufacturers and Publishers | PDF

Order Form PDF | MS Excel

Quote Request Form PDF | MS Excel

AT Depot's relationship with Maryland’s AT Co-op makes assistive technology more affordable to schools, agencies, organizations, seniors, and families by provides discounted purchasing opportunities. We have a variety of assistive technology available at discounted prices including:

  • Educational and Curricular Access Software
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Communication Devices
  • Computer Access
  • Aids for Daily Living
  • Visual Supports Software
  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing Supplies
  • Sensory Aids
  • Therapeutic Supplies

The co-op can offer such good prices because we know the products and the "players" through years of professional contact and on-going conference attendance. Our price list is constantly changing due to competitive bids being conducted every six months to take advantage of price reductions and new product developments. We also conduct additional direct negotiations with manufacturers.

The co-op serves as a "reseller" to offer the best pricing on certain product lines where margins are small. We believe in low overhead we have part time staff, pay for minimal advertising, etc.). Another way we bring you discounted products is by getting permission from various manufacturers to hold "statewide" versions of "district" licenses, allowing small systems to benefit from the purchase levels of large systems.

How to Order through AT Depot

Order Form PDF | MS Excel

P.O.’s can emailed to

  1. Group desired products by manufacturer on your P.O. or shopping list.
  2. Calculate discounts and shipping/handling for each. NOTE In most cases S/H is 8% with a $10 minimum. Exceptions are noted in BOLD type. #Heavy products may require S/H rates as indicated in the manufacturer’s catalog.
  3. Indicate catalog product number and name. Caution: Many products have similar names.
  4. Indicate Mac or WIN and cable type where necessary.
  5. Indicate a contact person on your P.O. and provide an email address and phone number. Include a ‘Ship to:’ address.
  6. As soon as your order arrives, check the contents and turn the packing slip in to your finance department -- so that the Georgia AT Depot Co-op can be paid.

Directions for Requesting a Quote

Quote Request Form PDF | MS Excel

You will need to use a manufacturer's catalog or access to their website in order to get all details necessary to receive a quote or place an order. View the Vendor/Catalog List to see a list of vendors/manufacturers and their contact information.

1. Complete a copy of the GA AT Depot Quote Request Form;
Send your Quote Request to the Georgia AT Depot:

E-mail: at any time, day or night; Mail to: The Georgia AT Depot, PO Box 465171, Lawrenceville, GA 30042

2. The Georgia AT Depot will research the best price for your desired product based on current bids and will contact you with the total price quote, including any applicable taxes and shipping.
3. Make check or money order payable to The Georgia AT Depot (NO Cash, Credit Cards, or Medical Assistance).
4. Your order will be placed when payment or PO is received.
5. Average delivery is 2 - 6 weeks depending on supplier inventory.


Returns can be expensive and are normally only allowed within one month of order unless item is defective.
If you have any questions please contact our Georgia liaison, Martha Rust via email at, or by phone or toll free at 800-497-8665.

Featured Manufacturers and Publishers

Featured Manufacturers and Publishers | PDF

Click on the link above for a list of the manufacturers and publishers whose products are featured in the current GA AT Depot Co-op Discounted Price Guide. Please use this list to request catalogs or to review product descriptions online. Then purchase through the Co-op to receive discounted prices.