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Welcome to the TFLWiki on Tools for Life's AT Services

AT Device Demonstrations

AT Device Demonstrations: During an assistive technology demonstration, you will learn more about general and specific features of AT solutions to see if they support your needs and assist you in performing specific tasks or goals.

AT Device Loans / Tools for Life Lending Library

AT Device Loans: The Tools for Life Network has thousands of AT solutions for individuals to “Try before you buy” as a short-term loan to ensure the AT solution meets your needs.

Individual Trainings

Individual Trainings: Tools for Life provides training to individuals wanting to know more about specific assistive technology solutions, AT funding options and other related topics.

Group Trainings

Group Trainings: Tools for Life provides training to groups and organizations wanting to know more about disabilities, assistive technology and other related topics.

AT Assessments / AMAC TechMatch

AT Assessments: An assistive technology assessment is an in depth evaluation that is focused on matching your abilities with technology that will allow you to perform specific task or goal.

Website Assessments

Website Assessments: Tools for Life offers web accessibility evaluations for websites and software applications. We provide suggestions on how to make accessible content for the widest range of users with various disabilities.

Workstation Assessments

Workstation Assessments: Tools for Life’s Workstation Assessment is designed to assist those who may be experiencing physical discomfort due to the current set-up of their personal workstation.


E-Text: Electronic text (e-text) is an accommodation provided to individuals who have difficulty with printed text. AMAC coordinates and converts printed material needed (such as textbooks, articles, or notes) into an electronic format so that the material can be accessed on the computer.