Advisory Council

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Advisory Council Members

Doris Chadwell GA Department of Labor

Doug Crandell

Oree Crittendon Access to Independence

H. Norris Curtis

Dru Fentem Georgia Department of Labor

Gina Gelinas Georgia Project for Assistive Technology (GPAT)

Kathy Greene

John Jarvis EEOC

Lu Nations-Miller Department of Education

Glenn Moscoso Gwinnett Technical College

Thom Snyder Division of Aging Services

Gigi Taylor

Beth Tumlin Council Chair

Naomi Walker Georgia Advocacy Office

Anne Marie Warley

Terry Warley

TFL Network Members

Chris Brand

Jerilyn Leverett Disability Connections or

Tiffany Johnston Walton Options for Independent Living

Joanne Willis Touch the Future, Inc.

Jackie Wilks The Center for Financial Independence and Innovation (CFII)