Autism and AAC: iPads, Tablets, iPhones as AAC devices

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Today individuals with disabilities and their families are using emerging technologies such as iPads, iPods, iPhones, & tablets for communication. However, things are not as straightforward as they might appear. This presentation reviews the opportunities that these technologies provide. The issues that using these devices for this purpose may raise will be discussed. We will examine how to apply the best practice process of selecting technology can be applied to the selection of an App. A look ahead at the technology trends will give us perspective on where we might go from here.

AAC & Autism: iPads, iPhones, & Tablets as ACC Devices

AAC APPS Compared

APP Title Platform/ Lite Ver. Symbols Alt Access Page Sets Customize Away from Device Message Window App as Pencil Speech
Proloquo2Go $189 Ipod/ iPad Lite: No Symbolstix Direct Select Touch Screen Single / Multiple NO YES YES Synthesized
Touch-Chat $149 + Options Ipod/Ipad Lite: Yes Symbolstix Direct Select Touch Screen Multiple page sets: Core, Category Yes (extra cost) YES YES Synthesized
Sono-Flex $99 Ipod/Ipad Lite: Yes Symbolstix Direct Select Touch Screen + Row Column Scanning Multiple page sets: Core, Category, Context NO YES YES Synthesized
Tap to Talk $0, uploader $1.99 Ipod/Ipad & Android Lite: No Custom Direct Select Touch Screen + Single Switch Scanning Albums (single to Multiple) Yes (extra cost) NO NO Synthesized

Some Other AAC APPS

  • iSpeak
  • Assistive Chat
  • My Talk
  • SpeakIt
  • Verbal Victor
  • iConverse
  • LoCabulary
  • Voice4U
  • OneVoice
  • Go Talk
  • Tap Speak Sequence
  • Sounding Board
  • Predictable
  • Verbally