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  • CovEd
    • Virtual platform that pairs mentors from higher ed institutions with K-12 students affected by school closures
    • Helps to provide academic assistance for students and families during COVID-19
  • Edutopia
    • DIY Ways to Meet a Child's Sensory Needs at Home
  • Dr.Seuss
    • Read, play games and hang out with Dr. Seuess
  • Publishers.org
    • What Publishers Are Doing To Help During The Coronavirus Pandemic
  • RedShelf
    • Initiative ensures students have access to their learning resources during unprecedented campus closures
  • VitalSource
    • Helping ensure students can continue to access quality digital course materials due to a recent and rapid campus shift to distance-learning
    • Students and instructors at impacted 2 and 4-year non-profit institutions in the U.S. and Canada can now access an expansive catalog of etexts at no charge