Community School Presentation - March 2016

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The Community School

Tools for Life Presentation

  • Thursday, March 24, 2016
  • 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Assistive Technology Strategies and Solutions for Students Living with Autism

  • Presenters:
    • Carolyn Phillips, M.Ed, ATP, Director of Tools for Life
    • Danny Housley, AT Funding & Resource Specialist
  • Tools for Life, Georgia’s Assistive Technology Act Program
  • AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center
  • College of Architecture
  • Georgia Tech
  • Description: The world around us is evolving at an astounding rate. Assistive Technology (AT) developments have been foundational in this evolution and a catalyst for producing positive life-changing results for individuals with disabilities. Join us for the opportunity to learn about assistive technology and how innovative solutions and devices can be used to help students living with autism and other developmental/cognitive disabilities. Assistive Technology can increase opportunities for education, social interactions, and potential employment. Innovative assistive technology is often mainstream technology like tablets, apps, wearables and robotics. During the session presenters will share information about low, middle and high tech assistive technologies and the benefits on individuals living with autism and developmental/cognitive disabilities. Discussion will also focus on tracking technological trends including apps, mobile devices, robotics, wearable technologies and more. Get ready to learn how assistive technology can help all students achieve academic success and independence!
  • Resources:

Assistive Technology Strategies and Solutions for Students Living with Autism PDF Presentation