DEI Training in Athens - November 8, 2016

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Exploring Disability Awareness: Building Bridges for an Inclusive Workplace

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

10:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Georgia Department of Labor, Athens Career Center


  • Liz Persaud, Training and Outreach Coordinator
  • Danny Housley, AT Funding & Resource Specialist
  • Sam Peters, Training Support Specialist
  • Ben Jacobs, Accommodations Specialist
    • Tools for Life | AMAC Accessibility Solutions | Georgia Tech


Welcome to the Assistive Technology revolution! The world around us is evolving at an astounding rate. Assistive Technology (AT) developments had been foundational in this evolution and a catalyst for producing positive life-changing results for individuals with disabilities. Tools for Life (TFL) is funded by the Federal Tech Act which is legislation to promote direct AT services to individuals of all ages and disabilities in each state and increases independence by providing access to and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services. TFL and the TFL Network is fulfilling the intent of the Tech Act through various statewide activities. Join us to learn about the Tools for Life program, Network and community partners to include examples of assistive technology and funding resources that assist with purchasing. Additionally, presenters will “make the connection” between successful use of AT and independent living. Discussion will center on a brief history of disability culture and explain the difference between the "medical model" and "social model" and how each of these can be applied to work, community living, and communication for and about people with disabilities. Examples of common preferred words and phrases that should be used in appropriate settings and environments will also be shared. Presenters will focus on the importance of people first language, disability neutral versus disability negative terminology, understanding the relationship between words, attitudes, actions, and etiquette. Examples of value laden language and how it applies to basic awareness principles will also be explored. This session is intended to provide a platform where professionals can learn about and discuss assistive technology, as well as communication focused on and about people with disabilities and provide helpful tips and strategies while engaging in important conversations.