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'''Resources For You!'''
'''Resources For You!'''

*[[/tflwiki/images/4/42/00 AMAC TechMatch Presentation GACTE.pptx|Technology Essentials for College Students]]
*[[Media:/tflwiki/images/4/42/00 AMAC TechMatch Presentation GACTE.pptx|Technology Essentials for College Students]]
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GACTE Summer Leadership Conference

July 11, 2013

Cobb Galleria

Tablet Accessibility? App-solutely!


  • Martha Rust, AT Specialist, Tools for Life/AMAC
  • Liz Persaud, Training, Outreach, and Development Coordinator, Tools for Life/AMAC

With the introduction of Apps, we are experiencing a drastic technology evolution that is revolutionizing the field of Assistive Technology and producing positive life changing results for individuals with disabilities. Apps are assisting people with disabilities by promoting more independence, increasing opportunities for inclusion, promoting depth of learning, providing equal access in education, career and community settings, as well as supporting smoother transitions. As service providers, navigating the world of apps and tablet accessibility can often be an overwhelming task especially when there are over 400 apps that are released every day and millions of apps on the market. Where do you begin to find the best tablet to fit your client's needs? How do you know which accessibility options are available for each tablet? Is there a place where you can go to learn more about apps before purchasing them? Let us help you find the answer to all those questions and more! During this hands-on workshop the presenters will share and demonstrate apps that can assist with daily living, education, work, relaxation, and much more in the lives of those with disabilities. Participants will also explore a website and database created by the presenting team that compares apps by their functions, pricing, and operating system. Workshop attendees will also learn the basic functionality and accessibility features of various tablets, including Apple, Android, B&N Nook and the Microsoft Surface. This session will provide participants with opportunities to explore specific App solutions that promote success in the lives of people with disabilities and can ultimately assist with successful transitions at school and into the workplace and community.

Resources For You!

AMAC TechMatch & Technology Essentials for College Students


  • Joe Tedesco, M.Ed., ATP, TechMatch Manager

In the first part of this presentation attendees will walk through an Assistive Technology assessment from psychoeducational report to technology recommendations based on cognitive, language and academic performance. Next, attendees will learn about the features, tools and resources to support students in key areas of learning; reading, writing, math, studying, note taking and more.

Resources For You!