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Assistive Technology: Calming the Jitters


Gina Gelinas, Educational Outreach Manager, Tools for Life | Georgia Tech
Martha Rust, Assistive Technology Access Team Manager, Tools for Life | Georgia Tech

Individuals with varying disabilities often experience difficulties in sensory processing and overload and assistive technologies have proven to be a great tool to address overwhelming sensory stimuli by providing a feeling of relaxation and calming effects. Sensory tools can help increase or decrease stimulation to help an individual feel more comfortable and secure in their environment. Come join us and explore how sensory tools such as fidgets, weighted blankets/vests, and apps may help calm the jitters. We will also explore ways alternate/active seating and movement can help burn off excess energy or even provide a calming sense.

Assistive Technology: Calming the Jitters PDF Presentation

Citation: Gelinas, G., and Rust, M. (2018). Assistive Technology: Calming the Jitters. Presented at the Georgia Assistive Technology in Education (GATE) Annual Seminar, Atlanta, GA, 2019.