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Helpful Video Links

iOS6 Features

VoiceOver Basics

How to Make a Custom Gesture on i0s5 This YouTube Video Contains No Sound

iOS 6 and iPad: Guided Access Demo

Introduction to Apple iOS 6 Guided Access

Proloquo2Go e-Learning Videos Helpful e-Learning videos on how to use this app

Helpful Links

Android's Big Step Forward: A Review of the Screen Enhancement Features of Android 4.2.2

New iOS7 Features

An Objective Look: iOS vs. Android for the Visually Impaired by Tamas Geczy

AppleVis This link reviews many different apps that can assist someone with a vision loss

Official Apple site on AccessibilityThis 1ink talks about Apple accessibility

eyes-free This Google group reviews Android apps for someone with a vision LOSS Apps for students with disabilities

Wynsum Arts, LLC This is a tool that can assist you in finding certain apps for certain disabilities

SNApps4KidsGreat information in regards to apps and autism

SNApps4Kids Funding SourcesFind some funding resources for iPads

Finding Good Apps for Children With AutismList many apps that are good for children with autism

Accessible Android This blog offers lots of information about accessibility with Androids

Dyslexia Help This website also list many apps for individual who have learning disabilities

Android Access This website reviews lots of Android apps and their accessibility for someone who has vision loss.

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