LDA 2013: Discovering the ways Applications Can Assist with Learning Disabilities

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Apps, Widgets, Tablets, “Oh My!”

Navigating the world of tablets, apps, and widgets can be daunting especially when there are over 200 apps/widgets that are introduced each day. How does one know what functions these applications have without purchasing them first? In this workshop we will review and demonstrate applications and widgets that can assist with learning disabilities. Participants will also explore a website created by the assistive technology project, Tools for Life, that compares apps/widgets by their functions. They will also learn the ins and out of both the Apple and Android platform systems as well as tracking the app future trends.

  • Presenters:
    • Christopher Lee, Ph.D., Georgia Tech AMAC Department Head/Director, Tools for Life, Atlanta, GA
    • Carolyn Phillips, Director, Tools for Life, Atlanta, GA
    • Martha Rust, AT Specialist/ Services Coordinator, Tools for Life, Atlanta, GA
  1. Explore the TFL "Our Favorite Apps" Finder Click to go to the TFL App Finder page.
  2. The Tools for Life AppFinder
  3. The Tools for Life App PowerPoint - LDA 2013