Learning Disabilities and Assistive Technologies Guide: Chapter 2.4 - AT Screening & Assessment Tools

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AT Screening and Assessment Tools

Assistive Technology Screening and Initial Toolkit

Assistive Technology Screening and Initial Toolkit [ PDF Document]

  • This screening toolkit offers teachers and others a tool to screen individuals with learning disabilities for tasks that they need to do and their ability to use standard tools to accomplish tasks. This toolkit suggest accommodation that may help or the need for further evaluation using the AT Assessment Protocol listed below.

Assistive Technology Assessment Protocol

Assistive Technology Assessment Protocol [ PDF Document]

This protocol is designed to assess an individual with learning disabilities need for assistive technology.

Note: You must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view this document. You can download it by clicking on the icon below.

(This Screeing Toolkit and Assessment Protocol was modified from the forms created by Georgia Project for Assistive Technology)