Policies and Procedures: AT Lab (Mobile)

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The TFL|AMAC AT Solutions Lab is generously brought to you by:

Preparing for the lab

Things that would be helpful in getting ready for an event:

  • Wish list of equipment you would like to take to the event at least a week in advance or as soon as possible
  • Information of when that equipment in by (i.e if the event is on Saturday, and the people attending are not going to be in the office Friday, The equipment needs to packed and ready to go by Thursday afternoon)
  • Knowing what events (exhibits, presentation, tours) we have coming up. This way if there are multiple events going during the same week, then those who are packing can make sure the distribution of equipment is appropriate.

Packing Up

  • This is something that EVERYONE does! No one is above packing a bag when necessary. Asha and Justin will be the primary packers. They will need guidance from the leads for each conference. If they need assistance, they are responsible for reaching out for help. Please ensure you have everything needed for the specific conference you will be attending. Conferences based on learning disabilities will need some different things packed than a conference on aging. Never hesitate to ask for help ensuring all appropriate AT is packed and ready to go.
  • Other Items to be packed:
    • Batteries
    • Extension cord(s)
    • Candy and bowl(s)
    • Clorox Wipes
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Disinfecting wipes
    • Cards/Labels for technology

Setting Up

  • Some conferences will give us more of an area to set up the lab than others. We will work with what we are given. Regardless of the size, everything should be set up nicely and neatly.
    • Drape TFL tablecloths
    • Group AT together (Vision, Hearing, ADLS, etc) and lay out neatly
    • Check to make sure that everything is fully charged, has working batteries, is plugged in
    • Lay out materials neatly
    • Unfold banners
    • Store bags/suitcases out of sight

Mobile Lab Lists