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Tools for Life Publications

A Closer Look Summer 2010 PDF | Large Print A Closer Look Spring 2010 PDF | Large Print A Closer Look Spring 2008 PDF | Large Print A Closer Look Winter 2008 PDF | Large Print A Closer Look Summer 2007 PDF | Large Print

Online Publications that can be downloaded

    Toolbox: Writing Issues and Assistive Technology Solutions | PDF LD AT Resource Packet | PDF Town Hall Meeting PowerPoint Presentation | PDF Cognitive Limitations: Functional Application of Assistive Technology | PDF Family Center on Technology and Disability Network | PDF As a member of the Family Center on Technology and Disability Network, you are eligible to receive these weekly e-mail updates on Family Center activities. We hope that they will be informative and useful to you. The Family Center is dedicated to providing information about technology to organizations that work with families of children with disabilities. A Look at Georgians Using AT for Living, Learning, Working, and Playing | PDF This is a fact sheet that shares the stories of Georgians who need and use assistive technology. Ethical Issues in the Evaluation and Selection of Assistive Technology | PDF The Vehicle Modification Assessment Tool: Improving the Team Approach to Driver Evaluation | PDF Progress with a Statewide AT Service Delivery Program in a VR Setting | PDF

Publications that can be ordered via e-mail

NOTE: This Publication is currently being updated and will be available when completed (as of January 2011).

    Making A Difference in My Life With Assistive Technology: Tools for Living, Learning, Working and Playing This guide is written for Georgians who want to learn more about assistive technology (Tools for Life). It is intended to be used by people with disabilities, their families, disability advocates and professionals who provide services to people with disabilities. The guide tells you what assistive technology is and how you can make a difference in the life of a person with a disability. It also tells you how people with disabilities can and MUST play an important part in making decisions about the tools that best meet their needs. An important purpose of this guide is to provide participants with confidence that will enable them to become effective advocates for assistive technology. The purpose of this easy - to - duplicate and friendly guide is to teach and empower people with disabilities, as well as their circle of support, about successful ways to make assistive technology work for them. This guide explains the laws that make it possible for Georgians with disabilities to receive services and the tools needed to assist them in being more independent and productive. Please send an email to Liz Persaud if you would like to order this book. Attention: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents. You can download it by clicking on this link