RCLD and AMAC TechMatch Evaluations

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The UGA RCLD and AMAC TechMatch evaluations are a partnership between the University of Georgia Regents' Center for Learning Disorders and AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center. These evaluations are paid for by the UGA RCLD and conducted by the AMAC certified AT Team. The UGA RCLD is responsible for the recruiting the individuals. Below are the policies and procedures.

Policies and Procedures for UGA RCLD and AMAC Evaluations

Policy: UGA RCLD will be responsible for recruiting individuals for AT Evals.

Procedure: TFL will create a brochure that the UGA RCLD can give out to individuals during the evaluation feedbacks which typically occur 2-4 weeks after the RCLD evaluation is completed. If the individual decides they would like to have an AT Eval, the UGA RCLD will have them sign a release of information. If authorized by the student, the UGA RCLD will send either the full evaluation report or a report summary to TFL at least 4 days before the scheduled appointment.

The information will be sent through email to the TFL staff via a confidential HIPAA approved FTP sever.

Policy: The UGA RCLD will be responsible for scheduling the AT Evaluations.

Procedure: A Google UGA RCLD AT Evaluation Calendar has been created. TFL members will be responsible for putting their available time on the calendar, scheduling in 2 hour blocks. The UGA RCLD will edit the calendar to add in the first name and Last initial of the individual to the time block. UGA RCLD will then email the TFL person that an appointment has been scheduled during the selected time slot.

Appointments must be scheduled in at least 72 hours advanced notice.

Policy: The UGA RCLD will be the primary contact for the individual who will be receiving the AT Evaluation.

Procedure: In case there is a need to cancel, reschedule, or delayed on the day of the evaluation, the individual will contact the UGA RCLD as soon as possible, if not the day before. The UGA RCLD will call the TFL member’s (who is doing the evaluation) cell phone number and send a follow-up email to the TFL member.

In case the TFL member cannot make it for whatever reason, they will contact the UGA RCLD so that the appointment can be rescheduled.

Policy: TFL will be responsible for writing a report that can be emailed to both the UGA RCLD and the individual.

Procedure: TFL will generate a report with the following information

1. Summary Statement of the AT Consultation

2. Statements / Recommendations Regarding

  • Explanation of Assistive Technology, general and as it relates to the student.
  • Environmental factors as it relates to the student.
  • Trial and Training as it relates to the student

3. Areas of Focus: Only those that require AT intervention

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Organization / Memory
  • Computer Access
  • Listening / Attention

4. Each Section / Area of Focus may include:

  • Listed in order of priority as determined during the AT consultation
  • Recommendations of Assistive Technology; any that apply: Hardware, Software, Strategies, Resources, Services
  • Strategies for implementation and use of technology
  • Videos, Websites, Web Resources
  • Funding Resource

TFL will send a written report within 3-4 weeks to both the individual and the UGA RCLD. TFL will work with finance to send a monthly invoice to the UGA RCLD.

Email of the report to the UGA RCLD will be sent through the confidential HIPPA approved FTP server.