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* Provide Asha with the completed loan forms to enter them into the database
* Provide Asha with the completed loan forms to enter them into the database
==='''Gmail Account'''===
*Email: tfldirectservices@gmail.com
*Password: tflrocks (all lowercase)

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This page is where you can find many resources for the different projects that TFL is working on with Direct Services.

Travel Links

  • Ga Tech Travel Links and Policies

Ga Tech Travel Forms

Ga Hotel Tax Exempt Form

Ga Tech Lodging

  • Ga Tech Car Rental Policy

Ga Tech Air and Car

Car Rental Policy

  • Ga Tech Employees Who Use Their Own Cars

For those employees who use their personal vehicle for business-related travel. We have many new staff members since this info was provided in the past so some might not be aware. The first link below contains the insurance liability information that you should keep in your possession in the event of an accident while conducting institute business. The second link is the policy that you should read and be familiar with.

Ga Liability Insurance Identification Card

Auto Insurance

Ga Tech Photo Release


Tools for Life Direct Services Policies and Procedures






Tools for Life Assessment Resources







Tools for Life Internal Information


Below you will find items that are being used with DBHDD

DBHDD Family Support Policy












Packing Equipment for DBHDD

  • Every month Danny will place an order on the 21st of every month.
  • When that equipment comes in Asha will be responsible for making sure everything is barcoded.
  • All of the DBHDD equipment is being stored in the cabinet in the lab, behind the banner.
  • At this time, Asha will organize the equipment into bags and label the bags with the individual’s name. Send her an email with the names of individuals you plan to drop equipment off to, so she can do a final check to make sure everything is ready to go.
  • Check with Asha at least 1 full work week or as soon as possible before a trip:
    • If you will be dropping off equipment to more than 3 individuals
    • If you want to take a device that is currently at the Tools for Life office, and was not specifically purchased for DBHDD. In other words, the device will not found in the DBHDD cabinet. Be as specific as possible when requesting a device that is not on the DBHDD equipment list.
  • If you are dropping off equipment to 1 or 2 people let Asha know 2 work days or as soon as possible before.
  • Provide Asha any information you think would be helpful for her to know. More information is better than less, and earlier is better than later.
  • Provide Asha with the completed loan forms to enter them into the database