TFL Playbook: Policies and Procedures

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Welcome to the TFL Playbook: Policies and Procedures

TFL Basics

1. AT Act Overview

2. Tools for Life Overview

3. Tools for Life Policies & Procedures Overview

4. TFL Network & Advisory Council Overview

5. TFL Team Performance Evaluation Overview Performance Evaluation Goal Setting Form

Direct Service Policies and Procedures

1. Device Demonstration Orientation Policies and Procedures for the AT LabRESNA QI for Device Demo

2. Device Lending Policies and Procedures Policies and Procedures for Device Loan Loan Agreement Form RESNA QI for device Loans

3. Device Reuse Policies and Procedures

4. State Finance Policies and Procedures

5. TechMatch AT Evaluation Policies and Procedures

6. TFL Network (ATRC & TFL Outreach Sites)

7. AT Solutions Lab Policies and Procedures

  • ECU Lab
  • Gaming Lab
  • Switch Lab
  • Mounting Lab

8. TFL SRI Database - Direct Service

State Leadership Orientation

State Leadership orientations will vary greatly based on the new employee position. The most important aspect of this orientation is to make sure you become orientated regarding your role and where it fits TFL State Leadership, data collection requirements and procedures.

Check Activities/Action

1. Group Trainings & Conferences Orientation

2. Public Awareness Orientation

3. TFL Websites Orientation

4. Technical Assistance Orientation

5. Information & Assistance (TFL Hotline, TFL Email, etc..) Orientation

6. Collaboration & Coordination Orientation

7. State Outcomes Orientation

8. TFL Research Orientation

9. Online Professional Development (webinars)

10. TFL SRI Database Training - State Leadership

  • Activity: Log in to TFL SRI Database
  • Activity: Enter 1 Training Record
  • Activity: Enter 1 Information & Assistance (A&I) Record
  • Activity: Enter 1 Public Awareness (PA) Record