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What's New in Assistive Technology

August 18, 2016


  • Ben Jacobs, Accommodations Specialist
  • Danny Housley, AT Funding & Resource Specialist

Tools for Life, AMAC Accessibility Solutions at Georgia Tech

Description: Technology innovations are emerging at a rapid pace from wearables to robotics and mobile apps to connected homes. Much of this technology holds great promise for the future of independent living. Presenters will share information on Tools for Life, Georgia's Assistive Technology Act Program and how to access services. Other topics will explore products on the market that have the potential to improve independence and improve quality of life.

What's New in AT PDF Presentation


Jacobs, B., & Housley, D. (2016). What's New in Assistive Technology. Presented at Tools for Life, AMAC Accessibility Solutions at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, 2016.