TFL Team Meeting - 02/05/2019

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TFL Mission

  • Increase access to and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services so Georgians of all ages and disabilities can live, learn, work and play independently in communities of their choice.

Team Meeting Expectations

1. All TFL team meetings are no/light device meetings. This means using your device professionally, minimally, as an accommodation, or for emergencies.

2. Be mindful of the time you are given for your updates.

3. Provide thoughtful and comprehensive updates to the team. This time is the opportunity for everyone to learn about TFL projects and activities.


TFL Director Updates (Carolyn) - 30 mins

TFL Research Updates (Ben S. & Carolyn) - 10 mins.


  1. Volume 12 has been released and is now available at the ATIA.ORG/Research site.
  2. Volume 13 submissions have been peer reviewed in and in editing stage.

TextHelp (Literacy and AT) Project - Troup County (LaGrange, GA)

  1. Troup classrooms and teachers have been identified. Teacher consent forms are signed.
  2. Parental consent and student assent forms are going out this week.
  3. Training for students and teachers will be scheduled shortly
  4. Amendment had to be filed because district selected 7th grade classrooms instead of 6th grade.

On DBHDD Contract

  1. Collected data is being updated in SRI Database
  2. 8 individuals are complete, 21 more are in the last stage (have AT and need final follow up)
  3. Budget for end of year and for next round of project are in the works

Work ACCESS Project

  • Team is examining the structure of the current work access decision tree and updating the solutions.

Other Decision Trees/Algorithum Projects:

  • Paroles & Pardons Project
  • Aging Decision Tree Project (multi-state interest)

Other Projects:

  • Exploring other possible Grant opportunities:
  • HIIAT (High Impact Innovative Assistive Technology) Grants
  • FIP (Field Initiated Proposals) NIDILRR Proposals
  • GVRA Contract
  • Establishing a UX Accessibility Lab (John)
  • Establishing a Consortium for Accessibility Research

TFL Direct AT Services - AT Access Updates (Martha) - 10 mins.

  • Device Demos All Centers 10/1/18- Present: 197
  • Device Demo TFL 10/1/18- Present: 47
  • Device Loan All Centers 10/1/18-Present: 124
  • Device Loan TFL 10/1/18- Present: 27
  • Device Reutilization 10/1/18- Present: 1722
  • Contract Updates
  • 1. NPS- Decided not to renew contract; reason they need assistance require a working knowledge of NPS databases and project process
  • 2. DEI- Was not able to get a contract extension and will end March of 2019. Will meet with Rossany in February to talk about path moving forward. We will continue to work with the individuals they send us. Rachel has AT

Assessment this week

  • 3. Disability Connections has decided not to renew contract with TFL. They will continue being a resource as an Independent Living Center and will continue working with individuals on AT through IL. Sent equipment back to

TFL. THANK YOU to all who assisted in going through the equipment!!

  • 4. DBHDD- We have 2 loads of AT Equipment that have come in for individuals. First load has been added into database, labeled, and organized. 2nd load came yesterday and we are in the process of entering into database,

labeling, and organizing. Lots of individuals will be receiving equipment. Looking at calendars and planning on deliveries in the Atlanta area. DeeDee and Sarah planning trip to see 10 or more ppl. Another trip to the Savannah area is needed. Ben, DeeDee, Ciara, and Martha have worked on how much it will cost to see the reminder individuals and those on Belton. We have meeting with Carolyn to discuss. Nicki has asked TFL to present on who we are and what we do on February 20th for a training. This will not include the AT Project with them. I am working with Nicki to get the details and Liz to see who on our team can present.

  • 5. Gracewood- We are continuing observation of the individuals they want us to see. From them we will choose 10 more for an AT Assessment. We are planning the next training with Gracewood. We are looking at the week of February 25th. This will be a 3 hr make-n-take for training staff this will cover, social stories, First/ Then strips/board, sequence Cards/boards. We are working with WO to assist with this training. We will be training them ahead of time. We are putting together some online training as well. We are looking at the week of Jan 18th or 28th to train WO. WO will also be doing the follow-up after our training with Gracewood. They will check in with Gracewood once a week to make sure they are using what they learned in the make-n-take as well as using aided language with individuals. It may be needed twice at the start. Next Training will be 9- mins on engineering and CORE.
  • 6 Other Assessments: 1 MFP, Completed the assessment part and writing report for work AT Assessment, still have schools 9 (Newton, Glascock, Fulton Academy for Science and Technology, Butts Co, Turner Co, 2 private pay); have been asked to review building blueprints for accessibility
  • 7 Presentations: Ben completed RESA Presentation 1/11, Rachel 1/16 NE GA AAA and ATIA and LDA presentations, DeeDee 2/2 Focus on Frigile Kids Conference AAC, 2/20 Aging Presentation on AT in Macon, Ciara has 3 Presentation that will be for the EXCEL program on Campus first one is 1/23 on CANVAS, Martha presenting GLRS AT Consortia at Coastal 2/13 and LDA
  • 8 LDA Lab will be Feb 18-20, working with OK AT Team on what AT they can bring. Also working with them on 20 min presentation in the lab on desensitizing environment, working with Rachel Berger with Microsoft to do 15-20 min demos of Microsoft built-in items in lab as well. We will be taking some equipment too. Can we work with Liz to get poster printer for lab sessions?

TFL AT Acquisition Updates (Danny) - 10 mins.

Projects: TFL - Activities: Credit-Able, G-Trade, Dollars & Sense, AT Depot Co-Op

Credit-Able Updates

  1. 11/1/18-12/31/18- 10 submissions (7 approved, 2 denied, 1 withdrawn)
  2. 122 active loans with principle totaling $366,409
  3. 5 applications in process
  4. Working with a consumer to avoid losing his vehicle (and CFII being responsible for reselling it)

Disability Connections Equipment

  1. A truckload of equipment showed up
  2. Thanks to everyone that helped with sorting, labeling, changing the service center and discarding of obsolete equipment
  3. Several boxes in CP's 2nd floor office. We need to determine where these items are going
  4. One box of equipment is being sent to disABILITY LINK this week along with a theremini
  5. Shower chairs and bedside commode need to be marked obsolete and taken to FODAC (I reached out to Ben J regarding transport)
  6. Hoyer lift and personal transport item still need a determination (Carolyn, can we send this to FODAC)


  1. DBHDD Equipment, the large order from December came in. A couple of items were missing, working on resolving that
  2. Hosted the NFB Atlanta Metro Chapter last week, people enjoyed the space
  3. CHOA visitors came by last week and had a quick tour and opportunity to ask questions to myself. DeeDee and Martha

Special Projects and Access Lab Updates (Ben J.) - 10 mins.

  1. Microsoft Meetings
  2. Amazon Meetings
  3. CES Updates

TFL State Leadership Activities - Program, Outreach & Training Updates (Liz) - 10 mins.

  • Data:
    • State leadership numbers have not increased much since last time we met.
    • Reminder please be sure to include your presentations, trainings, public awareness, education, etc. in the database each month.
  • What Happened - Completed
    • NE AAA Training for DAS - Wednesday, January 16 (Rachel)
    • South Metro Special Ed Directors tour - Thursday, January 24 (Sam & Tori)
    • ATIA 2019 - January 31 to February 2 - 8+ sessions! (Carolyn, Liz, Ben J, Rachel, Danny, Sam, Ciara, Ben S)
  • What's Coming Up - Important Reminders
    • GVRA New Hire Orientation - Wednesday, February 6 (Martha)
    • GSU IPSE Leadership Team Meeting - Thursday, February 7 (Tori lead, Carolyn?)
    • Emory School of Medicine, Health and Aging Class - Tuesday, February 12 (Rachel, Liz, Tori support)
    • GLRS AT Consortia Presentation at Coastal ADRC - Wednesday, February 13 (Martha)
    • LDA 2019 in Fort Worth, TX - February 18-21 (Carolyn, Martha and Rachel)
    • GVRA Emerging Managers Workshop - February 19-22 (only one day) (Liz and?)
    • Technical Assistance Visit: AT in NH w/Stacey Driscoll - February 26 (Liz, Martha, Danny)
    • East Georgia GLRS - Wednesday, February 27 (Martha lead, Tori support)
  • ATAP (AT3)
    • Webinars Focused on Reuse (4)
    • CPAP Reuse
    • Hearing Aid Reuse
    • Prison Refurbishment
  • AT Reuse Activities
    • Still continue to provide Reuse TA.
    • Working with AT3 on TA protocol, etc.
    • Disaster Relief Efforts: PIDS National Call (Danny), Portal requests - Ciara/Tori lead (Liz/Danny support)
    • Currently writing scripts - Sam and Tori
    • Raminta working on videos. Completed "rough cut" of 3 videos.
  • GT CATEA Work ACCESS - AT Software KnowledgeBase
    • Funded!
    • Input
  • GT CATEA TechSAge 2 - Training and Outreach
    • TechSAge 2 - Funded for 5 years!
    • Continue to provide public awareness and education
    • Planning continues for competition
    • Be sure to check out the RERC TechSAge website to learn more about what we do!
  • GT Wireless RERC - Training and TA
    • Video series: Active! (Sam lead, Raminta support)
    • Outreach & Public Awareness ongoing (Sam lead)
  • GVRA
    • New Hire Orientation - check out calendar for schedule
    • New Managers Orientation
    • Who would like to co-present?