TFL Team Meeting - 07/03/2018

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Director's Updates (Carolyn)

  • AMAC - Budget & Projections - PROGRESS!
  • Goals 2018:
    • 1. Ensure financial sustainability by diversifying revenue, *managing costs, and building a reserve.
    • 2. Promote staff excellence by enhancing skill development through training and strengthening accountability.
    • 3. Strengthen research contributions to advance academic and public engagement and enhance quality/trust in products and service.
  • Effective Program Management
    • Best Use of Time and Talents
    • Outcome Oriented and Results Focused

TFL Administration Updates

  • HR -
    • Reorganization -
    • Will Hire:
      • 1-2 more Managers
      • 1 Project Specialist/Research
      • 1 Programmer
  • Performance Reviews & Goals
    • Updated your Progress Every month
    • Save and Share your Kudos!

Finance & Programmatic Updates (Carolyn)

Grants & Contracts Updates!

  • 1-5 year Strategy!
  • PEB
  1. FUNDED-AT Act 2017: P4 - do not use.
  2. FUNDED-AT Act 2018 - CR1 & CR2: AK Hope to Have Final Budget soon. Preseident Budget 2019 released.
  3. FUNDED Division of Behavioral Heath and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) for $1,000,000: Budget Modification
  4. FUNDED Division of Behavioral Heath and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) | $68,500 for AT services and training to Gracewood Hospital in Augusta: Moving Forward
  5. FUNDED - DEI: Do not charge to unless working on this.
  6. FUNDED - Division of Aging Services (DAS) | $10,000 for TA to set up 4 new AT Labs in the ADRCs
  7. FUNDED - Alternative Financing Program Grant | $661,742 for Credit-Able: Wrapping up. Only Danny's time.
  8. FUNDED - GT Wireless RERC | $15,000 for Training and TA:
  9. FUNDED - GT CATEA TechSAge ($10,000):
  10. FUNDED- Division of Aging Services (DAS) "Dementia Able" | $40,000 for AT technical assistance for Decision Tree Development:
  11. FUNDED - Division of Aging Services (DAS) "DONR" | $16,500 for AT technical assistance for Decision Tree Development:
  12. FUNDED - ATAP | $47k for for National Pass It On Center:
  13. FUNDED - GTC - PIOC from Portlight! $70k
  14. FUNDED - GT CATEA Workplace DRRP | Training and TA: $76,650: Wrapping up

Strategic Development Updates (Carolyn)

2018 Proposals:

  1. NPS 5 year funding
  2. RERC TechSAge 2: 5 year funding
  3. DRRP CATEA: 5 year funding
  4. DBHDD
  5. HHS - DT
  6. CDFI CFII - Match
  7. GVRA 1-3 year funding
  8. NIDLIRR AbleData: 5 year funding
  9. Aging?

2019 Planning:

  1. RERC? AMAC Lead
  2. FIP AMAC Lead
  3. NSF
  4. Increase State Funding

TFL AT Services Updates

AT Access Updates (Martha)

  1. ) Krista last day is June 21 :( She is working on finishing up the individuals she currently has plus getting her DBHDD individuals to a point where I can reassign. Join us for a celebratory lunch after this meeting- her choice! Have begun interviews for SLP

- Ciara last day will be June 29 Projects:

  1. ) TFL Project - Activities: Demo, Device Loan, AT Eval, AT Training, TFL Network:

- 10/1/17- present - All Centers - Device Loans 343, Device Demo 1010, Device Reutilization 1769; TFL- Device Loans 65 , Device Demo 152

  1. ) Division of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) for $1,000,000:

- 126 Referred; 20 declined services or not eligible for the program; majority needing speech services

  1. ) Division of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) | $68,500 for AT services and training to Gracewood Hospital in Augusta: Almost through DBHDD's contract process.

- Survey has been completed (thanks Asha and Sam C); waiting to hear back from Gracewod regarding mailing iPads for surveys to be completed- hopefully will be mailed this week - Trainings will be shaped by the outcome of surveys- Asha is compiling results (Sent in 90 responses on papaer) - 10 individuals already identified to be transitioned out soon and will need AT ASAP - Krista, Rachel, and Martha have made one trip to Gracewood. We are waiting to receive the AT Agreement forms to be returned; will follow-up this week - This project does not have funds to purchase equipment; will be doing loans to make sure equipment is right fit - Rachel and Martha working with Gracewood and TFL Training team in regards to 6 2 hour Disability 101 Trainings. One will be a recorded webinar. Looking at the week of July 23rd for the other 5 - Rachel and Martha looking at calendars for Savannah- Two Gracewood individuals have transitioned out there and there are 4/5 new DBHDD referrals in the Savannah area

  1. ) DEI

- Doing a contract and budget modification - referred 2 individuals but not able to complete assessments due to on the job training or individual keeps canceling - Rachel doing a great job with communication btw TFL and DEI - Call with Rossany last Thursday; budget modification should be coming through soon - Would like to hire counselors in Atlanta and has asked for TFL Training June 22nd; Training on hold until they are able to hire

  1. ) National Parks

- Sounds like contract modification/extension until Dec coming through - Brian would like to rerecord webinars to keep; this is on hold until Brian confirms what platform NPS will be using - Brian is working with Jeremy Buzzell on Rapid Visual Assessment and will let us know how to proceed - Would like TFL to create 2 Universal Design Templates for physical and programmatic; these are on hold for now - Martha has weekly calls with Brian Cook - A survey list of questions and a draft strategic plan has been sent for him to review - Brian has asked for us to Review NPS projects for Accessibility- has not given us feedback on the one we sent yet on 5/29 - Brian has asked for an Accessibility Checklist- sent draft 5/29 and asked us to keep working on it - Rachel and Martha went to Cumberland Island and looked at accessibility

  1. ) GVRA HR Membership has been completed. Have referred 4 individuals for AT Assessments. Danny and Martha are completing; asked John Rempel to check is referring for ICT accessibility on AWARE database was needed
  1. ) Division of Aging Services (DAS) | $10,000 for TA to set up 4 new AT Labs in the ADRCs - Memberships - Are they all Members?

- Rachel has at least one MFP assessment - Co

  1. ) Division of Aging Services (DAS) | $70,000 for AT services and TA to transition people out of nursing homes (MFP): Rolling out through AMAC Membership process!
  1. ) Still have several requests for AT Evals and AAC Assessments. AAC Assessment are on hold until new SLP has been hired

AT Acquisition Updates (Danny)


  1. ) TFL - Activities: Credit-Able, G-Trade, Dollars & Sense, AT Depot Co-Op

Credit Builders Alliance was a success

      • Accessibility issues
      • We were thanked for our space
      • Surprise panel appearance by Danny
  • Loans applications are still coming in
  • August/September we will hear back regarding the ACL grant, thanks to all that helped with that!

Access Lab/Special Projects Updates (Ben J.)

  • IOT Tracking Azure Platform
  • ATIA Proposals
  • DragonCon

TFL State Leadership Updates

Program, Training & Outreach Updates (Liz)


1 TFL - Training, Public Awareness, TA and Outreach

  • IDEAS - (Complete & Success!)
  • ATIA 2019 proposals - (Submitted!)
    • Creating an Inclusive Emergency Planning Summit in Your State - Carolyn, Liz and Amy G. (State AT Programs)
    • Self-Advocacy: Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned - Danny & Liz
    • Increasing Assistive Technology Service Delivery Through Partnerships - Liz & Jessi Wright - WVATS (State AT Programs)
    • Creativity and Nontraditional Approaches to Enhancing Individuals Lives - Liz & Olivia Rains - TXATP
    • Taking Your Assistive Technology Lab on the Road: Best Practices - Sam P, Rachel & Liz
    • Emergency Management: Exploring and Maximizing Statewide and National Partnerships - Carolyn, Liz and Chris Brand (State AT Programs)
  • GVRA Manager and Supervisor Training on 6/22 (Complete & Success!)
  • GVRA New Hire Orientation on Tuesday July 10 - Liz lead (anyone can join)
  • ATOB V12 - Carolyn and Tori
  • Annabel and graphic design - What are your needs? What materials would you like created? Think further out!
  • Grant Proposal - CDC with Partnership (Complete!)
  • Grant Proposal - CNCS (Corporation for National and Community Service) with Partnership and AUCD - 2018 Community Conversations Research - focuses on engaging communities in conversations about civic health using participatory research approaches (emergency/disaster relief). $200,000! (Complete!)
  • National Getting It Right Conference, focus on emergencies/disasters - Carolyn, Liz, Ben J. - (Complete & Success!)

2 HHS | ACL - Credit-Able Activities: Training Logistics, Website deliverables

  • Annabel created financial education materials.

3 GT Wireless RERC | $15,000 for Training and TA - Activities: include slide in all TFL Trainings (Complete!), Use Workbook in Workshops (Complete!), Co-Host Aging and Tech Summit (Complete!)

  • Video series: Active! - Sam lead
  • Outreach/Public Awareness - Sam lead

4 GT CATEA TechSAge ($10,000) Activities: include slide in all TFL Trainings (Complete!), Use Workbook in Workshops (Complete!), Co-Host Aging and Tech Summit (Complete!)

  • TechSAge 5 year APR - (Complete & Success!)
  • TechSAge 2 site visit on June 6 - (Complete & Success!)

5 Division of Aging Services (DAS) "Dementia Able" | $40,000 for AT technical assistance for Decision Tree Development -Workshop @ ATIA 2018 (Complete!))

6 Division of Aging Services (DAS) "DONR" | $16,500 for AT technical assistance for Decision Tree Development -Activities: Create "Mapping" and final Report

  • Todd continues to work on Decision Tree
  • May continues to work on Decision Tree visual prototype
  • 2-4 focus groups coming up - Liz & Rachel lead

7 ATAP | $66,670 for the first year and every year for 5 years ($333,350) for National Pass It On Center AT Reuse Activities: Survey (Active), CoP Webinar schedule (Complete!), Trainings and TA

  • Disaster Relief Efforts!: Every last Tuesday of the month at 2:00 PM AT/DME/Supplies National Call; 3:00 PM Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies National Call
  • Portal requests and submissions - Asha lead (Liz/Danny support)
  • Technical Assistance: Ongoing - Liz lead
  • CoP Subcommittees: Medicaid, IQ ATR, Knowledge Base - Carolyn, Trish, Liz (Almost done!)

8 GT CATEA Workplace DRRP | Training and TA: $76,650 Over 65 interviews completed"

  • Currently writing scripts - Sam and Tori
  • Raminta working on videos. Completed "rough cut" of 2 videos.

9 GT CATEA FIP - ($15,500) Activities: 2 focus good groups @ ATIA (Complete!), Survey, Design Input - Liz/Sam lead

TFL Research Updates (Ben S., Zerrin & Carolyn)

  1. ATOB
  2. TextHelp!
  3. Decision Trees/Algorithum
  4. In DBHDD Contract
  5. In GVRA Contract
  6. Establishing a UX Accessibility Lab (John)
  7. Establishing a Consortium for Accessibility Research

TFL Action Items

Open Floor, Action Items, Agenda Setting (Carolyn facilitates, Open Floor, 5-10 mins)

  • (This time can be used for further discussion of follow-up and/or new topics, hot/action items, and to set agenda items for next month.)

Follow Up Topics and Upcoming Topics