TFL Team Meeting - 08/08/2019

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TFL Mission

  • Increase access to and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services so Georgians of all ages and disabilities can live, learn, work and play independently in communities of their choice.

Team Meeting Expectations

1. All TFL team meetings are no/light device meetings. This means using your device professionally, minimally, as an accommodation, or for emergencies.

2. Be mindful of the time you are given for your updates.

3. Provide thoughtful and comprehensive updates to the team. This time is the opportunity for everyone to learn about TFL projects and activities.


TFL Director Updates (Carolyn)

TFL Research Updates (Ben S. & Carolyn)


  1. Volume 13 is in final editing. Expect release soon. Thank you Tori for all your hard work on this volume!
  2. Volume 14 theme will be "Literacy". Call for Papers closed June 15. We submitted a paper, "Does Mastery of AT in High school Impact Post Secondary Performance?"

On DBHDD Contract:

  1. Team has been focused upon getting out and seeing participants up through last Friday. No more contact with DBHDD project participants until new contract begins.
  2. Collected data is being updated in SRI Database. Surveys are received and entered. Analysis has begun.
  3. Numbers are close to final: 66 individuals are complete (47 PWDD; 19 Belton). Another 30 more are close to complete and 16 have asked to delay meeting again or are in process of scheduling.
  4. IRB has approved/renewed the continuation of the current DBHDD project in order to complete research
  5. IRB has just this AM approved the Protocol for DBHDD-2020.
  6. Plans are being articulated for modifications to SRI database which will streamline data collection and reporting for DBHDD project.
  7. TFL Team was nominated for the McLean-Yoder Award for Interdisciplinary Collaboration for their work on DBHDD. Did not win but received complementary and encouraging note from Dr. Billy Ogletree, Chair of National Joint Committee for the Communication Needs of Persons with Severe Disabilities.
  8. Ben is part of Calloway Working Group (Employment First Initiative) looking at partnership between DBHDD and GVRA on employment of PWDD. First fruits of this collaboration are now emerging. There is some cause to be encouraged! Ben is presenting next Friday (7/26) on AT that can support/enhance employment of PWDD.
  9. Ben and Carolyn have been invited to meet with GTRI and DBHDD regarding the possibility of joining their project to examine the DON-R (Determination of Need) instrument for assessing levels of need of PWDD. We believe we now have a way to monetize movement on the DON-R.

Work ACCESS Project

  1. Team conducted several focus groups on mobility and reading and writing in the workplace. More to come next week.
  2. Thanks to Liz for pulling the focus group announcements together and sending them out.
  3. Need experts to invite to focus groups on Workstation accomodation, moving around the workplace, reading& writing, and remembering tasks.

Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE project) Work is complete.

  1. Funding from CATEA to complete courses for professional/ continuing education through GTPE (Sheryl Ballanger - lead)
  2. Universal Design - leveraging work done for other projects. Thanks to Danny, Sam & Tori for their creative energy and hours invested.
  3. Introduction to AAC - leveraging course content from UGA course.
  4. Zerrin - preparing a foundational course for a certificate in AT from CIDI.

Other Decision Trees/Algorithum Projects:

  • K-12 - Phillip Roberts is sharing access to what he has done so far. Will be here in ATL/ at TFL in late August.
  • Paroles & Pardons Project
  • Aging Decision Tree Project (Washington)

Development Grant from College of Design: What Users of AT Wish Developers Knew About Their Literacy Experiences

  • Think-Aloud data collection while reading
  • Lead to the development of "personas" for guidance to developers of AT products
  • intended to be a "seed" project that will lead to larger grant in future

TextHelp (Literacy and AT) Project - Troup County (LaGrange, GA)

  • Data collection is finished and analysis is under way.

Other Projects:

  • Exploring other possible Grant opportunities:
  • HIIAT (High Impact Innovative Assistive Technology) Grants
  • FIP (Field Initiated Proposals) NIDILRR Proposals
  • GVRA Contract
  • Establishing a UX Accessibility Lab (John)
  • Establishing a Consortium for Accessibility Research

TFL State Leadership Activities - (Liz)

  • Data
    • Public Awareness (All Centers) - 10/01/2018 to Present: 184,661
    • Public Awareness (TFL) - 10/01/2018 to Present: 50,650
    • Information and Assistance (All Centers) - 10/01/2018 to Present: 848
    • Information and Assistance (TFL) - 10/01/2018 to Present: 848
    • Group Training (All Centers) - 10/01/2018 to Present: 1,018
    • Group Training (TFL) - 10/01/2018 to Present: 749
    • Technical Assistance (All Centers) - 10/01/2018 to Present: 9
    • Technical Assistance (TFL) - 10/01/2018 to Present: 9
    • Data Reminder: Don't forget to include your presentations, trainings, public awareness, education, etc. in the database each month.
  • What Happened
    • GATE - exhibitor registration is now open.
    • USDA tour on July 30 - Liz, Sam, team
    • ADA Lunch and Learn and Celebration July 26 - Carolyn, Danny, Liz
  • What's Coming up
    • Tech and Aging Summit August 20 - most hands on deck - Carolyn, Rachel, Liz
    • Atlanta Archdiocese Training August 27 - Gina, Sam, Liz
    • TFL policy and procedures - Liz, Sam
    • TFL website - Liz, Tori
  • Projects
  • ATAP (AT3) working on SOW for 2020 contract; webinar next week on hearing aid reuse 8/14 at 3:00
  • AT Reuse Activities
    • Carolyn, Liz, Danny, others as needed
    • Still continue to provide Reuse TA.
    • Working with AT3 on TA protocol, etc.
    • Disaster Relief Efforts: PIDS - Danny lead, Portal requests - Ciara/Tori
  • GTPE UD Video Project
    • Liz, Sam, Tori, Raminta
    • Writing scripts, Editing videos
  • Work ACCESS - Decision Tree/AT Software KnowledgeBase
    • Carolyn, Liz, Ben S.
    • Focus groups - we need participants and would like your input on possible candidates
  • TechSAge 2 - Training and Outreach
    • Carolyn, Liz
    • Continue to provide public awareness and education, Planning continues for competition.
    • Check out the RERC TechSAge website to learn more.
  • GT Wireless RERC - Training and TA
    • Carolyn, Liz, Sam, Raminta
    • Outreach & Public Awareness ongoing (Sam lead)
  • ATOB Journal
    • Tori continues to work on the ATOB layout.

TFL Direct AT Services - AT Access Updates (Martha)

  • Device Demos All Centers 10/1/18- Present: 747
  • Device Demo TFL 10/1/18- Present: 131
  • Device Loan All Centers 10/1/18-Present: 491
  • Device Loan TFL 10/1/18- Present: 268
  • Device Reutilization 10/1/18- Present: 5083
  • Contract Updates
  • 1. DBHDD- Waiting on the new contract- working on the research now and completing the Belton Reports
  • 2. Gracewood- COMPLETED! All reports and observations have been sent to Shanta Searles
  • 3. Other assessments- Have 2 MFP, 2 workplace assessments have been asked about
  • 4 School Assessments- we have over 30 requests

From Gina: School referrals: Cherokee Charter - 3 new referrals Glascock County - AAC Assessment complete, report needs to be written Washington County Schools - inquiring about AT Assessment, waiting on follow-up Upson County Schools - Norford is working on CIDI membership Atlanta Public Schools - AAC Assessment scheduled 5/7/19 DeKalb County Schools - in-kind AAC/AT Assessment Lowndes County Schools - 2 referrals, in process for late summer/early Fall 2019 (AT Evaluations) Clayton County Schools - 2 referrals, type unknown, in process 2 Private AT Evaluations

Additional activities regarding Aging Well include: AIRS conference: Presentation sparked interest in other states (NY & OH) creating their own AT Labs ADRC conference: hosted AT lab with over 350 participants Tech & Aging Summit August 20th

TFL AT Acquisition Updates (Danny)

Projects: TFL - Activities: Credit-Able, G-Trade, Dollars & Sense, AT Depot Co-op

  1. JR’s last day as an affiliate was last Thursday, CFII is looking for a replacement, he will still be by occasionally to do light duties until then
  2. Working on a contract with TFL


  1. July 29-31st
  2. EVERYTHING needs to be checked
  3. if you have something loaned out either;
    1. get it back
    2. know exactly what was loaned out and ensure it’s documented
  4. we need to see if we can get the 2nd floor conference room for all or part of those days
  5. this is our chance to check for broken/obsolete equipment and get rid of it
  6. everything needs to be plugged in and checked for functionality