TFL Team Meeting - 10/19/2021

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TFL Mission

  • Increase access to and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services so Georgians of all ages and disabilities can live, learn, work and play independently in communities of their choice.

Team Meeting Expectations

1. All TFL team meetings are no/light device meetings. This means using your device professionally, minimally, as an accommodation, or for emergencies.

2. Be mindful of the time you are given for your updates.

3. Provide thoughtful and comprehensive updates to the team. This time is the opportunity for everyone to learn about TFL projects and activities.


Action Items & Follow Up

  1. University System of Georgia (USG) Benefits Open Enrollment will be held from Monday, October 25 – Friday, November 5, 2021.
  2. Stay tuned for Your other GT Compliances!
  3. Watch Resourcefulness: Being Problem Solvers and Solution Finders
  1. TFL Website Planning - Liz

TFL Director Updates (Carolyn)

  • GT|HR
    • Hire Process: AT Acquisition Manager Position
    • Hire Process: Program Support Spec. Sr. Position
  • Open Enrollment
    • Oct. 25 - Nov. 10
  • New Professional Development Resource I Recommend!
  • TFL Professional Development:
    • Managing Stress for Positive Change
    • In the workplace, stress is often viewed in purely negative terms. It's seen as a response that should simply be minimized or pushed aside; however, it's possible to use stress to fuel positive change. In this course, join instructor Heidi Hanna, PhD as she discusses what stress is, exactly; how you can train yourself to use stress in more effective ways; and what managers can do to reduce employee stress when an organization experiences difficult times. She covers how individuals can use stress for good by assessing and adjusting it, as well as what you-as a manager-can do to create an environment and communication style that helps connect employees to the bigger picture.
    • Note: This course was featured in Market Watch, Inc., Fortune, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.
  • GT Partnerships
  • AccessCORPS
  • ABLE Alliance - Google
  • Allocations
    • Make sure these are correct - any October changes by 12 on Thursday.
  • Projects:
  • GaDOE FY21 - SOW Submitted
  • GVRA FY 22
  • CDC Contract - NCE through Sept. 30, 2022. (Updates, ATOB, UNC Research & Dissemination of Videos)
  • HHS DRRP - Aging Well ACCESS - 5 Yr. $2.5 Million
    • AT Team
  • AT3 - $50K - (May-August 31)
  • Georgia Division of Aging (DAS) - CARES Act - (Nov. 2021 - End Sept. 30, 2022!)
  • 3 Yr HHS DRRP - AT Database - $1.5 Million - Meeting with partners from all over US.
  • Wireless RERC - NCE - 2 Videos
  • Proposals:
    • NSF - Transportation & Accessibility (GT Partners)
  • TFL Strategic Planning - Focused Sessions
  • Completed:
    • TFL Overview - CP
    • TFL Policy - CP
    • AT Acquisition (Part 1) - CP
    • Direct Services - Martha (October 18th - 2-4 PM) - THank you, Martha & to everyone for Participating!
  • Upcoming:
    • AAC Lab - DeeDee (October 25th 3-4:30 PM)
    • AT Considerations - Gina (November)
    • Leadership & Training - Liz (October 19th - 2-4 PM)
    • TFL Research - Ben (November)
    • TFL into CIDI S&E Research - Zerrin (December)
    • Wrap Up & Action Items - CP (December & January 2022)

Complete!! CDC/F Trainings & Activities (Carolyn)

  • 1,683,224 Served!
    • 1,683,224 is the total number of people who received direct, tangible information and assistance via project work that is supportable with project data!
    • Way to Go, Team!!
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Videos
    • Please, help spread the word regarding our 5 Vaccine videos & 1 ASL Video - Thank you, Raminta, Norah & Liz!!!
  • ATOB! v16.2
    • A special issue of Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits/Accessible Public Health Materials During a Pandemic: Lessons Learned from COVID-19 (Issue 16 Part 2) will be devoted to this project and the issues it addressed. Submitted manuscripts from our project team and/or about the project:
  1. "Include Me": Implementing Inclusive and Accessible Communications in Public
  2. Access for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals in Informational and Educational Remote Sessions
  3. Technology for a Pandemic: Apps for Safety and Independence
  4. Minimizing the Complexity of Public Health Documents: Making COVID-19 Documents Accessible to Individuals Who Read Below the Third-Grade Level
  5. Building an Effective Model to Disseminate Accessible COVID-19 Guidance
  6. The Importance of Braille during a Pandemic and Beyond
  7. Creating Accessible Infographics: Describing Scientific Data in Ways Everyone Can Understand
  8. A Needs Assessment of COVID-19 Guidance for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
  9. Inclusive Design Thinking for Health Messaging in American Sign Language during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study Brief
  10. Closing the Information Gap: Making COVID-19 Information Accessible for People with Disabilities
  • American Public Health Conference Presentation - CP
  • AUCD Presentation - Liz & CP

TFL AT Acquisition Updates


  1. Credit-Able - to FODAC!!
  2. Physical files will still remain in Danny's office


  1. Credit-Able applications are on hold

TFL Research Updates (Ben S., Zerrin & Carolyn)

Assistive Technology Outcomes & Benefits (ATOB) Journal

  • ATOB Vol. 16(1) - AT Services During & After the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • ATOB Vol. 16(2) - Public Health: feature our work on CDC Project
    • Guest Editor, Mark Harniss, U. Washington
    • Peer Reviews are in process

Mastery of Assistive Technology (MoAT)


  • Team is holding an additional focus group on Mental Health Accommodations - Oct 25th
  • Developing a focus group plan to discuss changes in retail settings since COVID-19 - Nov. 1st
  • Preparing a webinar on "Inclusion & Participation in the Workplace" - Nov. 17th
    • Speakers: Karen, Sarah & Ben
    • Overview of Work ACCESS
    • Accommodations / considerations for common spaces & communication

AT Network

  • Beginning the process of mapping categories of AT from the AbleData database to the ISO 9999 classifications
  • Team has been exploring how to leverage evaluations done by TFL to help "seed" database
    • Dee Dee & Ben have proposed a template with levels at which eval data might be accessed.
    • Also looking for PowerPoint presentations and papers to include in the database.

Inclusive Tech Entrepreneurship Program (ITEP)

  • Business Coaching under Joy Harris supervision is completed
  • Final event will be scheduled for early November
  • Working with the New America Foundation for the annual conference

NSF Project

  • Experiences of Students with Visual Impairments with Tactile Graphics in STEM Courses: Critical Interpretative Synthesis
  • Continuing my meetings with Dr. DeStefano
  • I completed SLR training

ACCESS Projects

  • Have been working with the project team to develop protocols for the focus group
  • Will join two sessions as a note taker and one session as a moderator


  • Working with Ben, Martha, and Carolyn

FY21 Seed Grant Program

  • We will be applying for the Oct cycle
  • Zerrin's New Professional Development Resource I Recommend!

TFL State Leadership Activities - (Liz)

  • Tools for Life
    • Data Reminder: Don't forget to enter in your public awareness and I & A data. Include your presentations, trainings, public awareness, education, etc. in the database each month.
    • TFL Policy and Procedures - Keep going! Follow up coming soon.
    • Webinar archives - Are any of yours missing?
    • TFL Website, wiki (discuss process) - Liz, Kayla, Tori, Shaina, Trish (support)
    • Training plan - host more virtually - we're doing it!
      • ARC Disability 101 - rescheduled for 11/4 at 11:00 AM
  • GCDD Accessibility Grant - Universal Design for Learning and Plain Language - Success!
    • June to September 2021 - $13,000
    • Liz, Norah, Tori (Carolyn and Trish support)
  • Credits - Training Team
    • CEU's - Continuing Education Units approved and distributed by the AAC Institute
    • CRC's - Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Credits approved and distributed by the Commissioner Rehabilitation Counselor Certification or CRCC
      • All applications must be submitted no later than 30 days before the live event.
  • CDC/CDC Foundation - Carolyn-PI, Liz-Co-PI, Norah - Content Creator and Manager, Trish-Project Support, COVID-19 Accessible Materials for Individuals with Disabilities - COMPLETE!
    • Working on archiving the project - Teams and Dropbox
    • Microsite maintenance will run through 2022 - Norah lead
    • Will still collect monthly analytics - Tori lead
    • AUCD Conference presentation - CP and Liz with CDC and CDC Foundation
  • ATAP (AT3) - AT Reuse Activities, AT Database - Carolyn, Liz, Trish(support)
  • Webinars - WORK ACCESS series; Wired Wednesdays
  • Wireless RERC - Training and TA - Outreach & Public Awareness - Carolyn, Raminta, Liz
    • 1. Making virtual meetings more accessible in emergencies, and
    • 2. How to minimize the text complexity in messaging
  • Work ACCESS - Decision Tree/AT Software KnowledgeBase - Focus groups, trainings, webinars - Tori
  • New Professional Development Resource I Recommend! - The ILRU (Independent Living Research Utilization) program is a national center for information, training, research, and technical assistance in independent living. Learn more at the ILRU website

Tori's Updates

  • Social Media - Send articles, webinars, videos, general information, etc. for posting to Tori
  • New Professional Development Resource I Recommend!

Kayla's Updates

  • Graphic Design Projects - Kayla
  • New Professional Development Resource I Recommend:

Raminta's Updates

  • Video Projects
  • New Professional Development Resource I Recommend!

TFL K-12 Initiatives and Updates (Gina)

K-12 Updates

  • Year 3 Statement of Work GaDOE has been submitted
  • Continuing current K-12 deliverables
  • We are experiencing an increase in K-12 STEM/STEAM / AT / technology requests for support/collaboration.
  • Receive notification from UGA that the implementation grant for the Georgia College Transition Partnership was funded. This will provide an additional three years of funding to implement the work.
  • Preparing a new presentation for the Emory Neurodiversity Course – November 9 – Working with Dr. Matt Segall & Dr. Laurel Snider. About half of the class has disclosed, publicly, some personal aspect of or connection to having a neurodivergent identity or diagnosis.
  • Texthelp – November 16, 2021 – Texthelp Master Class @ CIDI (in person)

Norah's Updates

  • Updates
  • New Professional Development Resource I Recommend!

GVRA Project (Ben)

Team & Project Plan

  • September Report complete and submitted
  • Ben has met with Matthew Blake - planning for:
    • GVRA Portal
    • Monthly report automation

GVRA Updates

  • Planning to meet with GVRA Transition team in October to discuss:
    • "Pilot within Pilot" to model reporting for K-12 Districts
    • Plans to incorporate IPSE programs into project

TFL Direct AT Services - AT Access Updates (Martha)

  • Thank you again for a successful DS Strategic planning meeting yesterday. I am looking forward to further discussions on things we talked about
  • We shall begin to move forward and not complete any AT Eval/Assessments in all areas. Please be sure to check slides in upcoming presentations.
  • Last Thursday Rachel, Sal, and Martha presented to the Chattahoochee OTA class. Despite some technical problems on their end at the beginning- it went really well. Students asked several questions. Cross-training with Sal on presenting other presentations.
  • Monday, October 25, Adam Palmer will be at CIDI with AT for vision for people to try and ask questions. As a reminder he would like to donate items to our AT Lab in exchange for data and being able to assist training on devices to those who borrow. I feel this could be a win-win esp with K-12. Please look at the link and send me any device you would like for him to bring by tomorrow.
  • Wired Wednesdays- Carolyn will be our guest speaker for the November Wired Wednesday. Scanning Pens was excellent in October and would love to see how we can update our older c-pen models to the new models.
  • AT Lab- we are continuing to work on this. Sal has been adding new devices to the database. Ciara will be working with Sal tomorrow on how to create the barcodes. We have been adding device location into the Teams file
  • Working with several individuals on providing resources and information about AT. Purchased 2 new joysticks that has dwell software built-in! This is new technology because in the past you would have to buy the dwell software separate.
  • Working with Maureen with a University of Fla capstone student Rachel Scarboro. She is completing her OTD. Maureen will be the lead and she will work with Rachel and Martha on the DS Team as well as Maureen on research. Looking for her to join Fall 2022. Hours are flexible meaning that they can be virtual and not limited to therapy or one on one with a person.
  • New Professional Development Resource I Recommend!

Ciara's Updates

TFL Data:

  • Device Demo Oct. FY22 - Present All Centers: 0
    • Device Demo for FY21: 137
    • Device Demo for FY20: 478
    • Device Demo for FY19: 1029
  • Device Demos Oct. FY22- Present TFL: 0
    • Device Demo for FY21: 25
    • Device Demo for FY20: 79
    • Device Demo for FY19: 185
  • Device Loans Oct. FY22 - Present All Centers: 0
    • Device Loans for FY21: 189
    • Device Loans for FY20: 258
    • Device Loans for FY19: 634
  • Device Loans Oct. FY22 - Present TFL: 0
    • Device Loans for FY21: 76
    • Device Loans for FY20: 94
    • Device Loans for FY19: 352
  • Device Reutilization Oct. FY22 - 0
    • Device Reutilization for FY21: 4678
    • Device Reutilization for FY20: 4333
    • Device Reutilization for FY19: 7266

TFL AppFinder:

  • Jamf Update & Timeline for Rollout - waiting for go-ahead from Matthew & Jerel, will check if new device is set up in the AT lab when I am in the office
  • Highlight 1-3 New Apps in Appfinder - no new apps, but has been updated to include communication apps that we use often

TFL Lab:

  • "How to Guides" Updates - what would everyone like to see how-to guides for?
  • New AT for Lab Updates
  • New Professional Development Resource I Recommend! - GTPE, Workplace Learning & Professional Development offers a wide variety of free courses such as Giving & Receiving Feedback, Conflict Management, Managing Your Performance, etc.

Sal's Updates

  • Aging Committees Updates
    • Who
    • What
  • Outreach & Trainings Updates
    • Upcoming
  • AT Lab - Organization Updates
    • New AT
    • Ideas

New Professional Development Resource I Recommend!

Rachel's Updates

  • TFL AT Awareness for Dementia & Isolation Update
    • New AT
  • Interactive AT Lab
    • New AT Updates
  • DAS Contract
    • Updates
    • Policies & Procedures
    • ADRC
  • AT Makers
  • Updates
  • New Professional Development Resource I Recommend!

Sarah's Updates

  • ACCESS Updates & Focus Groups
  • GT DSP Office Updates
  • New Professional Development Resource I Recommend!

AccessGA Initiatives and Updates (Johan)

  • AccessGA
    • State Agency ADA Coordinators' Virtual Networking Event (Sept. 29th)
    • Technical assistance provided to state agencies
  • Fee-for-Service
    • Shepherd Center
      • Web Accessibility Evaluation completed
      • Technical assistance to follow
      • In process of lining up six trainings on disability awareness and digital accessibility
    • UDOIT Tool Evaluation for Brightspace LMS
      • evaluation underway
    • BLH/NLM
      • 74K Contract approved
      • 2 of 19 trainings being tentatively scheduled Nov. 2 and Nov. 10 on topics related to disability awareness
      • A11y evaluation of NLM website
      • A11y evaluation of Moodle LMS
      • Technical assistance
    • Request from ASTHO
      • Trainings on Disability Awareness Digital A11y
    • JCC Chicago
      • SoW pending
      • Web a11y evaluation and technical assistance requested
      • awaiting testing environment
    • UX Initiatives
      • Several ongoing projects in the coming weeks/months involving UX
        • Aging Well Access
        • Dementia Access
        • Washington AT Access
        • AT Network
        • AT3 AT Access

New Professional Development Resource I Recommend!

AAC Programs (DeeDee)

  • Setting up AAC Lab laptop
  • Display devices have been set up and labeling begun

Display materials planned:

  • Device information
  • Posters/handouts on elements of AAC and Access (i.e., types of AAC devices, core words, switches, scanning access, etc.)
  • Handouts on implementation strategies, product information
  • Information on access from Pittsburg AAC Language Seminar - Karen Kangas
  • Model as a MASTER PAL for communication partner training
  • Considering list of training resources

Kennesaw University UD Lab

  • Initial visit completed 8/24/21
  • Classification of apps by educational vs AT completed
  • Review of equipment updates begun
  • Training webinars planning begun
  • need to reach out to Chris regarding status of videos

Action Items & Follow Up

  1. University System of Georgia (USG) Benefits Open Enrollment will be held from Monday, October 25 – Friday, November 5, 2021.
  2. Stay tuned for Your other GT Compliances!
  3. Managing Stress for Positive Change