TFL Team Meeting - 6/1/2021

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TFL Mission

  • Increase access to and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services so Georgians of all ages and disabilities can live, learn, work and play independently in communities of their choice.

Team Meeting Expectations

1. All TFL team meetings are no/light device meetings. This means using your device professionally, minimally, as an accommodation, or for emergencies.

2. Be mindful of the time you are given for your updates.

3. Provide thoughtful and comprehensive updates to the team. This time is the opportunity for everyone to learn about TFL projects and activities.


TFL Director Updates (Carolyn)

  • ‘’’HR’’’
    • Critical Hire Process: AT Manager Position
    • Critical Hire Process: Training Position
    • ADA Accommodation - COVID-19
  • TFL FY21 - GR00008119 Worktag
  • AT Lab -
    • Met & Planning
  • Projects:
  • AT3 - $50K - (Start MAY-August 31)
  • Georgia Division of Aging (DAS) - CARES Act - SIGNED! (Start Date April 2021 - End Sept. 30, 2021!)
  • GaDOE FY20 Co-PI Gina & FY 21 - Ben will be increasing his role to help Gina and me!
  • GVRA Contract FY 21 - Moving Forward - PI Ben & Co-PI's Martha and Zerrin
  • CDC Contract (12 Mths) - Co-PIs Liz - NCE through Sept. 30.
  • HHS DRRP - Aging Well ACCESS - 5 Yr. $2.5 Million
    • ISO & ICF!
  • 3 Yr HHS DRRP - AT Database - $1.5 Million - Meeting with partners from all over US.
  • Wireless RERC - $35K
  • Proposals:
    • Ga DAS - COVID-19 Hesitancy & Equity Research & Dissemination: Submitted
    • GaDOE Year 3: Early Development
  • TFL Strategic Planning - Focused Sessions
  • Upcoming:
    • Direct Services - Martha
    • AAC Lab - DeeDee
    • AT Considerations - Gina
    • Leadership & Training - Liz
    • TFL Research - Ben
    • TFL into CIDI S&E Research - Zerrin
    • Wrap Up & Action Items - CP

Almost Complete!! CDC/F Trainings & Activities (Category 3) (Carolyn)

  • COVID-19 Simplified Text 2-Minute Videos
    • Format: 5 Simplified Text Scripts for 2-minute videos
  • New CDCF Contract!
  • Vaccine Webinar #1
  • Vaccine Webinar #2

TFL AT Acquisition Updates


  1. Credit-Able - to FODAC!!
  2. Physical files will still remain in Danny's office


  1. Credit-Able applications are on hold

TFL Research Updates (Ben S., Zerrin & Carolyn)

Assistive Technology Outcomes & Benefits (ATOB) Journal

  • ATOB Vol. 16(2) - Public Health: feature our work on CDC Project
    • Now 13 articles proposed - call closes in June

Work ACCESS Project (Decision Tree Project) Content

  • Raminta is producing a new video for the project that tells the story of how the Work ACCESS tool will work.
  • Preparing for validation of decision trees.

Mastery of Assistive Technology (MoAT)

  • MoAT Small Bets project:
    • Created a web based working model of the AT Mastery Continuum tool
    • Working on a paper documenting the small bests project and findings to date

Inclusive Tech Entrepreneurship Program (ITEP)

  • Instruction and Mentorship components have started
  • Contacting startups for externship

Assistive Technology Outcomes & Benefits (ATOB) Journal

  • Two articles proposed
  • Working with John, Guy, and Maureen


  • Working with them as a Steering Committee member
  • Tactile Learning Materials in Science Education
  • Will be teaching UDL and designing 3D printed learning media


  • Working with RACDSP group to add a section to the survey
    • Survey has been comleted
  • Will conduct focus group with the DSPs

On the horizon

  • DAS-NWD Vaccine Project
  • GVRA

TFL State Leadership Activities - (Liz)

  • Tools for Life
    • Data Reminder: Are you entering training and presentation data? Don't forget to include your presentations, trainings, public awareness, education, etc. in the database each month.
    • TFL Policy and Procedures - Keep going!
    • Webinar archives - Tori continues to update and organize
    • TFL Website, wiki - Liz, Tori
    • Training plan - host more virtually
    • Vaccine Information Collaborative for People with Disabilities and Older Adults - Carolyn, Liz, Trish
      • Updated! Please share the Accessible Fact Sheet on Creating An Accessible Vaccine Experience here
  • GCDD Accessibility Grant - Universal Design for Learning and Plain Language - Awarded!
    • June to September 2021 - $10,000
    • Liz, Norah, Tori (Carolyn and Trish support)
  • Credits - Training Team
    • CEU's - Continuing Education Units approved and distributed by the AAC Institute
    • CRC's - Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Credits approved and distributed by the Commissioner Rehabilitation Counselor Certification or CRCC
      • All applications must be submitted no later than 30 days before the live event.
  • CDC/CDC Foundation - Carolyn-PI, Liz-Co-PI, Trish-Project Support
    • COVID-19 Accessible Materials and Culturally Relevant Messages for Individuals with Disabilities
      • Dissemination - project messaging, microsite, presentations, trainings, webinars (Liz, Tori, Shaina, AAHD, and anyone that can assist with outreach)
        • Please continue to share any announcements related to the project!
      • Vaccine Webinars and Caregivers - Rebroadcast on June 16 from 3:00PM to 4:00PM ET
  • Social Media - Send articles, webinars, videos, general information, etc. for posting to Tori
  • ATAP (AT3) - AT Reuse Activities, AT Database - Carolyn, Liz, Trish(support)
  • Social Isolation/Connectedness Coalition (ACL/n4a) - Carolyn, Rachel, Martha, Sal
  • TechSAge 2 RERC - Training and Outreach Check out the RERC TechSAge website to learn more. - Carolyn and Liz
    • Working on APR - Thank you Rachel!
  • Webinars - ASK series; CDC series; Wired Wednesdays
  • Wireless RERC - Training and TA - Outreach & Public Awareness ongoing, Technology and Disability Policy Highlights (TDPH) - Carolyn, Liz, Sam, Raminta
  • Work ACCESS - Decision Tree/AT Software KnowledgeBase - Focus groups, trainings, webinars - Carolyn, Liz, Tori

TFL K-12 Initiatives and Updates (Gina)

  • Continuing with collaborations submitted, writing summaries
  • Doing GaDOE loan checks, preparing to send out emails to return outstanding equipment
  • EdTrade
    • We have two districts for the pilot run, Paula is meeting with Richmond Co. Friday to discuss participating
    • Martha and I are continuing testing and creating support materials
  • GaDOE video series - 5 new videos due to GaDOE August 1, 2021
  • Ellis Center / Pam Q. – Equipment Loan for Summer Camp
  • AEM Cohort work – active in creating state goals & going through the AEM Quality Indictors
  • Georgia Interagency Transition Council (GITC) – busy planning virtual statewide Transition Fair
  • Georgia College Transition Partnership Grant (UGA, GSU, & Emory) – preparing to submit for additional funding, additional workgroups have been created

TFL Direct AT Services - AT Access Updates (Martha)

  • Device Demo 10/1/ 20- Present All Centers 71
  • Device Demos 10/1/20- Present TFL 12
  • Device Loans 10/1/20- Present All Centers 78
  • Device Loans 10/1/20- Present TFL 20
  • Device Reutilization 1472

  • Wired Wednesdays- May was Instant Language Translator and June will be Proloquo by DeeDee.
  • DAS Kick-off This Thursday 1-2
  • There will be 4 trainings for the DAS Contract. Dates are Kickoff May 20th, June 23rd, 2pm-3, July 22nd, 1pm-2pm, August 19th, 1pm-2pm
  • Working on EdTrade- Gina and Martha last-minute checks and creating How-To Guides
  • Working with DOE Collaborations
  • Network partners continue to reach out for AT guidance and/or setting up virtual meetings with their clients for AT solutions with TFL
  • Raminta created an excellent video showcasing AT in the lab that can address social isolation-
  • ADRC Virtual Conference is free this year, June 16-18- Sal, Rachel, and Martha will be presenting on the 18th;
  • Martha and Sal presented AT 101 and Social Isolation solutions to Georgia Gerontology Society last week. 45 people attended. We will be presenting virtual lab at GGS annual meeting in August.
  • Sal also attended presentation by Alzheimer's Association at Atlanta Senior Network Niche. Focus was on providing quality o of life for caregivers and patients through communication and recreation.
  • Sal also attended AJC Aging in Atlanta. Discovered a new resource for residential adaptation for aging in place. Also, Bonnie Dobbs of Bonnie Dobbs Agency is an excellent speaker and expert on everything Medicare. She is available to speak to groups who want to learn more about current Medicare coverage.

AccessGA Initiatives and Updates (John)

  • AccessGA
    • Georgia Dept. of Economic Development
    • completed Georgia Arts
    • site in process
    • Dept. of Driver Services online application in process
      • technical assistance
    • State ADA Meet & Greet: overview of services, including AccessGA, April 28
    • State ADA Virtual Conference: Presentation on Zoom and Teams
    • Scoping out FY22 AccessGA Deliverables
  • ATOB Article on Needs Assessment of Braille
  • National Parks of Boston
    • survey results received
    • Draft SoW in progress for digital accessibility/disability awareness training
  • Equinox VPATs
  • Georgia Tech Institute Communications
    • MarCom Checklist submitted
  • USG HR
    • Web Accessibility Evaluation of employment application
  • Summer Semester

AAC Labs (DeeDee)

  • Setting up AAC Lab laptop
  • Display equipment has been ordered

Display materials planned:

  • Device information
  • Posters/handouts on elements of AAC and Access (i.e., types of AAC devices, core words, switches, scanning access, etc.)
  • Handouts on implementation strategies, product information

TFL & ADA 30th Celebration

  • Hashtags:
  1. ThanksToTheADA
  2. WhatCanYouDo #ChooseToInclude #Disability #ADA
  • November
    • Veterans
      • "Honor all who served - In times of war - In times of peace"
    • Publications & Fact Sheets
  • Veterans - ADA Fact Sheets & Publications from the ADA National Network
  • Veterans Resources from the Southeast ADA Center
  • Veterans & Families Resource List from ADA Live!
  • ADA Live! Episodes by Topic - veterans
    • Social Media
  1. HONORINGVETS – Show your Support on Twitter
    • VAntage Point Blog from U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs
    • Greenlight a Vet Program and help show that every Veteran has a story
  • December
    • Shaping a Universal Future
      • National ADA Symposium - Save the Date! Registration opens in January.
  • Resources: International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD)
  • United Nations (UN)– International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
    • Sharing ADA Stories
  • StoryCorps & Disability Visibility Project
  • StoryCorps MobileBooth Tour
    • ADA Legacy Project - Preserve. Celebrate. Educate.

Open Enrollment begins October 21st!

  • Open Enrollment for 2021 Benefits selection begins tomorrow October 21st and ends November 6th. This is an active enrollment - meaning you must log into the system and confirm your benefits even if no changes are being made. Additionally, you will need to certify you and your dependent(s) (age 18 and older) tobacco use status. Tobacco users will be charged $100 per month, per person for using tobacco products and system automatically defaults to tobacco user.

Action Items & Follow Up

  1. Complete your Open Enrollment for 2021 - 11/6
  2. Complete Your GT Compliance - 11/17!
  3. TH - Create and Share your Social Media posting plan for TFL's 30th & ADA's 30th.
  • S&E and Policy Synergies with Research Presentation Set up: CP
    • Action: Calendar invite: CP
    • Action: Send out PDF: CP
    • Action: TFL Team review & give Feedback
  • ACCESS for Aging Well Overview Set up: CP
    • Action: Calendar invite: CP
  • AT Network Overview Set up: CP
    • Action: Calendar invite: CP
  • AT Lending Library Issue
    • Action: Annabel will set up to Discuss & Resolve with Rachel
  • CDC/F Category 3
    • Action: Send out Announcements Nationally & Reminders - Tori
  • TFL Report to HHS | ACL & to Congress
    • Action: GaDOE Co-Op - Need $$ Data from TextHelp
    • Action: CIDI S&E - Need $$ Data from TextHelp
  • Ga DAS - Start Date/Nov. 19th Training
    • Action: CP will get info Jeni