TFL Webinar: Keeping Literature Lively with Loop Activities

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TFL Webinar: Keeping Literature Lively with Loop Activities

Thursday, February 11, 2016

3:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST


Pat Satterfield, Center for AT Excellence, Tools for Life Network Partner

Jessie Moreau, M.Ed., NBCT, Gwinnett County Schools

The use of picture-based loop game activities to introduce story characters and loop comp materials to show comprehension of story elements is proving to be a lively and interactive way for individuals to access literature. The unique question and answer format of these activities allows for all students, regardless of ability, to actively participate in reciprocal communication, either verbally or through the use of an alternative augmentative communication (AAC) device. Many common individualized education plan (IEP) objectives embed easily into loop activities: turn taking, using AAC devices for communication, asking and answering questions, word identification skills, using adjectives and descriptors and others. This presentation will demonstrate a number of literature-based loop game/comp activities across the grade levels that align to english language arts standards, incorporate IEP objectives, and encourage communication. Presenters will share how these activities are pertinent to our students every day success as many of them are applicable to transition, workplace success, community living, and more.

Keeping Literature Lively with Loop Activities PDF presentation