TFL Webinar for ATN Members: Exploring Assistive Technology Solutions: Apps & Wearables

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Exploring Assistive Technology Solutions: Apps & Wearables

August 28, 2017

Presenter: Ben Jacobs, Accommodations Specialist, Tools for Life | AMAC Accessibility

Welcome to the assistive technology (AT) revolution, where apps and wearables are at the forefront! Apps are assisting people with disabilities by promoting more independence, increasing opportunities for inclusion, promoting depth of learning, providing equal access in education, career and community settings, as well as supporting smoother transitions. Apps combined with wearable technologies are providing quick and easy access to information by interweaving it into daily life. This webinar will provide you with an overview and demonstration of the Tools for Life AppFinder, a database with apps identified for and leveraged by individuals living with disabilities. Additionally, presenters will review a few apps for reading, along with some quick updates on newer wearable technologies that are reinventing everyday lives whether at home, in the community, work or at school.

Exploring AT Solutions: Apps & Wearables PDF Presentation