Tennessee Signal Centers Accessibility Awareness Series - May 2020

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Technology in the Workplace

Thursday, May 28, 2020


Liz Persaud, Program and Outreach Manager, Tools for Life | CIDI | Georgia Institute of Technology

Assistive Technology, also known as AT, allows more options for greater independence in all areas of life, but especially in the workplace. As a professional with personal experience of using AT that has structured everyday living and working, Liz will spend this time to reflect back, look forward, and share anecdotes along with some valuable lessons learned. Using multiple technological outlets throughout the transition process provides opportunities for independence through environmental and computer access, self-advocacy, socialization and more. This session will explore specific AT strategies and solutions and provide examples of how the range of AT can be used at work, whether in a physical location or working remotely.

Persaud, L. (2020). Technology in the Workplace. Presented virtually as part of the Tennessee Signal Centers Accessibility Awareness Series. 2020.