UDL and AT 2015 in Griffin

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Integrating UDL and AT Conference

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Griffin RESA in Griffin, GA

Here's Hope: Assistive Technology Supporting Positive Mental Health

Presenter: Carolyn Phillips, Director of Tools for Life, Tools for Life | AMAC Accessibility at Georgia Tech

Assistive technology can be used as an innovative way to provide support for individuals with mental health issues. Use of AT is an emerging mental health treatment field which in many cases improves the accessibility, effectiveness and affordability of mental health care. Assistive technology is making significant strides in helping people living with mental health disorders. Applications on mobile devices are tracking emotions, lifestyle changes, providing therapeutic activity and supplementing traditional therapies. Personal use of electronic devices and associated Apps are helping individuals manage these issues, remain productive and increase independence. This session will discuss and review AT in educational planning, implementation and reporting. These will include a range of AT from digital cameras, use of telepresence, tablets, apps, text to speech and word prediction. In addition, an AT approach for recognizing and helping people stay off the "FAST" (Frustration or Fatigue, Anxiety, Stress and Tension) Track will be shared. Information will be shared concerning device use, low tech solutions, software applications, new technology and supporting accommodations. Use of AT in the workplace and classroom will cover specific applications to maintain accuracy and productivity. Discussion of ADL’s, home independence and monitoring will be included.

  • [Media:2015_Here’s_Hope_-_AT_Supporting_Mental_Health.pdf | Here's Hope: AT Supporting Positive Mental Health PDF Presentation]

Tracking Trends and Transferring Knowledge

Presenter: Carolyn Phillips, Director of Tools for Life, Tools for Life | AMAC Accessibility at Georgia Tech

Welcome to the Assistive Technology revolution! The world around us is evolving at an astounding rate. Assistive Technology developments have been foundational in this evolution and a catalyst producing positive life-changing results for individuals with disabilities. Come learn about what's new in AT and in the AT community as we explore where we were, where we are and perhaps, where we are going. We will also discuss possible solutions to expedite knowledge transfer from research journals to your clients whether they are in school, at home, at work or in the community.

  • [Media:2015_AT_-_Tracking_Trends.pdf | Tracking Trends and Transferring Knowledge PDF Presentation]