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  <td>Our Top Holiday AT Gift Ideas</td>

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Date Title Audio Transcript/Handout Presentation
12/18/13 Our Top Holiday AT Gift Ideas  [Audio]   PDF
11/21/13 CREATE:Using Technology to Meet the Common Core Writing Standards  Audio   PDF
11/20/13 Improving Independence Through the Use of Assistive Technology  Audio   PDF
11/12/13 Chasing Squirrels: Our Personal Experiences with Learning Differences and Assistive Technology  Audio   PDF
11/05/13 CREATE: A Closer Look at Data Collection on AT Trials and Use  Audio   PDF
10/24/13 CREATE: Understanding Your Options: A Tour of Clicker 6 and WriteOnline  Audio   PDF
10/15/13 CREATE: What’s in your Closet? IntelliKeys and Overlay Maker Review  Audio   PDF
09/26/13 CREATE: What's Your Script? Assistive Technology and Writing     PDF
09/25/13 Finding Your Strategy: Understanding AT Funding Resources  Audio   PDF
09/10/13 CREATE: Getting and Using Accessible Instructional Materials (AIMS): What You Need to Know  Audio  PDF PDF
08/29/13 CREATE: Support for Your AT Consideration Process  Audio   PDF
08/14/13 The Impact of Using iPads in Student Led IEP's  Audio   PDF
07/17/13 Social Security 911: Understanding Your Rights & Resources  Audio   PDF
05/29/13 A Closer Look at Apps and the Tools for Life AppFinder: A Live Demo  Audio   PDF
05/09/13 Universal Design for Learning and the Common Core  Audio  DOC PDF
04/24/13 Assistive Technology and Adapted Recreation: A Perfect Match  Audio   PDF
04/18/13 Free for All! Resources for Teachers and Students  Audio   PDF
04/04/13 Interactive Whiteboards and Inclusive Classrooms  Audio   PDF
03/27/13 Exploring Tools for Life's Favorite Apps for Learning Disabilities  Audio   PDF
03/19/13 CREATE: Helping Teachers Use AT Effectively  Audio   PDF
03/05/13 CREATE: Apps for Executive Functioning  Audio   PDF
02/21/13 CREATE: AT Support for Reading  Audio  DOC PDF
01/22/13 CREATE: Math Instruction for Students With Disabilities  Audio   PDF
10/24/12 Exploring Our Favorite Apps for Living, Learning, Working, and Playing  Audio 1 Audio 2   PDF
09/26/12 Considering Assistive Technology in the School System  Audio  DOC PDF
08/29/12 Using Assistive Technology for Effective Nursing Home Transition  Audio   PDF
07/25/12 Universal Design for Learning  Audio   PDF
06/27/12 Service for All: Successful Volunteering with AT, Accommodations and Awareness  Audio   PDF
05/30/12 How to Fund Assistive Technology: Navigating through Complex Funding Streams  Audio   PDF
04/26/12 GARL presents a Webinar: The World of Tablets and Apps  Audio   PDF
09/08/11 Success in the General Curriculum: What It Takes  Audio   PDF