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Visit the TechSAge webinars page for archives.

Date Title Audio Handouts Presentation
05/10/18 Active Learning Strategies in a UDL Environment  Audio   PDF
08/28/17 Exploring AT Solutions: Apps & Wearables  Audio   PDF
01/11/17 TFL and Money Follows the Person  [Audio]   PDF
11/10/16 How to Create Quick and Easy Accessible Worksheets  Audio   PDF
10/06/16 Apps for Communication  Audio   PDF
09/08/16 Transition and Beyond: Technology for Life  Audio   PDF
05/19/16 How Can Audio Help All Students in K-12  Audio   PDF
04/14/16 Standard, Practical and FREE AT!  Audio   PDF
03/24/16 How To Teach AAC: Implementation Strategies for Partners  Audio   PDF
03/10/16 Vision Supports for the Classroom  Audio   PDF
02/25/16 The DT Trainer – A Virtual Extra Teaching Assistant  Audio   PDF
02/11/16 Keeping Literature Lively with Loop Activities  Audio   PDF
01/21/16 What is a Virtual ATRC? Free K-12 AT Support!  Audio   PDF
11/19/15 Generative Vocabulary for Successful Communication  Audio   PDF
11/13/15 C4ATX Webinar: TFL Overview  Audio   PDF
11/05/15 Achieve Inclusion 2.0 with uPAR, Snap&Read, and Co:Writer Universal  Audio   PDF
10/22/15 Integrating Writing and Handwriting Strategies using Tablets and Technology  Audio   PDF
10/01/15 Creating Visual Supports and Learning Activities with Lesson Pix  Audio   PDF
09/17/15 What can Google do for you?  Audio   PDF
09/03/15 Kurzweil 3000 Firefly and UDL: ALL Students, Access from Anywhere, Anytime  Audio   PDF
05/07/15 Exploring College and Career Readiness through Assistive Technology  Audio   PDF
04/30/15 Get Ready, SETT, Go: Helping IEP Teams Focus on Students  Audio   PDF
04/29/15 Considerations in Multimedia Accessibility  [Audio]   PDF
04/16/15 Meaningful Transitions: Skill Development for Low Incidence Populations  Audio   PDF
04/02/15 EASI: Creating Accessible Documents for Individuals with Learning Disabilities  Audio   PDF
03/26/15 EASI: Diving Beneath the Surface: Selecting Tablets, Apps and Accessibility Features  Audio   PDF
03/19/15 EASI: Assistive Technology Solutions for Writing  Audio   PDF
03/12/15 C4ATX: Unique Success - Implementing Learning Systems  Audio   PDF
03/12/15 EASI: Assistive Technology Solutions for Reading  Audio   PDF
02/19/15 C4ATX: Fine Motor and Sensory Apps for the iPad: Inexpensive and Free!  Audio  List of Apps PDF
02/12/15 C4ATX: Google Apps and Extensions for Assistive Technology  Audio  Chrome Extensions
01/22/15 C4ATX: Blending Print and Apps for Powerful Learning Solutions  Audio   PDF
01/15/15 C4ATX: Building AT Knowledge - Augmentative Communication  Audio   Link
12/03/14 TechSAge - Disability 101 for Researchers: Communication  Audio   PDF
11/21/14 Assistive Technology and AAC Solutions for People with Neurodegenerative Disorders  Audio   PDF
11/19/14 Environmental Control and Switch Access  Audio   PDF
11/06/14 Unlocking Communication In the Severely Impaired Child  Audio   PDF
11/06/14 TFL CIL AT Toolkit Training 1  Audio   PDF
11/06/14 TFL CIL AT Toolkit Training 0  Audio   PDF
10/29/14 A Guided Discussion on AT for Dementia  Audio   PDF PDF
10/23/14 Transition Service Plan Technology Supports  Audio   PDF
10/09/14 Visual Learning Software Vizzle  Audio   PDF
09/25/14 Research Approach to AAC Solutions for Autism  Audio   PDF
09/18/14 TFL Advisory Council - Sept 18  Audio   PDF
09/11/14 Exploring Writing Support for Individuals with Autism  Audio   PDF
08/27/14 Exploring AT for Living and Adapted Recreation  Audio   PDF
08/26/14 DAS Augusta Focus Group 1  Audio   PDF
08/26/14 DAS Augusta Focus Group 0  Audio   PDF
08/06/14 DAS Macon Focus Group  Audio   PDF
07/30/14 Position for Work: Workplace Accommodations & Assessments  Audio   PDF
07/24/14 Training: App & Tablet Accessibility  Audio   PDF
07/22/14 DAS Atlanta Focus Group  Audio   PDF
07/04/14 IL Free and Low Cost Technology Solutions  Audio   PDF
06/25/14 TFL: Exploring Accessibility and Apps for Android  Audio   PDF
05/28/14 Georgia' s Leadership Model for Increasing Accessible ICT in State Government  Audio   PDF
05/08/14 TFL: Core Standards for Students with Intellectual Disabilities  Audio   PDF
04/22/14 Exploring Apps for the Classroom and Transition  Audio   PDF
04/03/14 TFL: The ‘Write’ Apps for Note Taking  Audio   PDF
03/26/14 TFL: AT For Aging in Place  Audio   PDF
03/20/14 TFL: Low Tech Communication  Audio   PDF
03/04/14 TFL: Strengthening Your CORE  Audio  30 Core Words PDF

30 Core Words Activity DOC

Beyond Naming PDF

02/18/14 TFL: Two Peas in a Pod: IEP Objectives & Standards  Audio  Blank Unit Plan DOC

Integrated Unit DOC

Matrix DOC

Partial Cell Unit Plan DOC
02/06/14 TFL: Core AT Inventory for Your Classroom  Audio   PDF
01/21/14 TFL: Introduction to iOS7 Switch Access  Audio   PDF