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Current/upcoming topics include:
Current/upcoming topics include:
*Mental Health Support
*Retail Work Settings

[https://gatfl.gatech.edu/tflwiki/index.php?title=Work_ACCESS_Validation_Surveys '''Validating part of our Decision Trees''']<br/>
[https://gatfl.gatech.edu/tflwiki/index.php?title=Work_ACCESS_Validation_Surveys '''Validating part of our Decision Trees''']<br/>

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When faced with a workplace accommodation problem, would you like to be able to learn how others have solved it? Are you frustrated when you see a “solution” that an employer or employee made on their own that is not working well because it was chosen without adequate information?

We are developing Work ACCESS, a new online tool and app to help people, particularly employers and employees with disabilities, make informed accommodation decisions. We would like your input on what assessment questions need to be asked, what solutions should be prioritized for different scenarios, and when outside experts should be consulted.

Help us develop Work ACCESS by:

Participating in an Expert Group Interview
Help us brainstorm and review potential accommodation problems and solutions. Each session is 1.5 hours long.

Current/upcoming topics include:

  • Retail Work Settings

Validating part of our Decision Trees
Review a set of problems and solutions and let us know if we are missing anything and whether the solutions are appropriate and clear. Current topics include:

  • Planning the Workday
  • Learning and Remembering Work Tasks
  • Staying on Task

If you are interested in participating or have further questions, please contact: Karen Milchus at karen.milchus@design.gatech.edu, Liz Persaud at liz.persaud@gatfl.gatech.edu, or Tori Hughes at tori.hughes@gatfl.gatech.edu or call us at (404) 894-4960.