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Virtual Environments and Their Impact on Education
Can a virtual environment be motivating, and fun, but also educational, support IEP goals and collect data? We will introduce you to the Timocco platform which targets the development of cognitive and motor skills for children in a engaging, game-based environment. Participants will also be introduced to the latest gamations: supination/pronation and adult rehab platform. Young children can be hard to motivate, especially when working on tasks and skills that could be uncomfortable or non-preferred. This is a daily battle for Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapists trying to compete with technology such as iPads, where a child can be sedentary and only use their fingers for learning activities and games. Can motor skills be developed while playing computer games and also help us develop cognitive, communication and social skills? We will present cutting edge technology developed overseas and newly introduced to the US using motion-tracking cameras for interactive games. While game-based motivation and learning is well established, engaged learning activities through physical movement is new and the technology shows great promise. Research on the field of game-based learning and physical engagement will be presented. Targeted treatment includes development of gross and fine motor skills (including handwriting), cognitive function and social awareness and interaction. We will share research on computer game platforms that specifically target the development and maintenance of these skills in children. Two emerging tools, one developed by an Israeli company (Timocco) and tested in Europe, the other emerging from New Jersey schools (C.E.W) will be presented. Further challenges revolve around the severe time constraints to find and apply the right activity and track results. New resources will be shared that allow IEP goal/objective driven searches and auto data tracking of student use in-session and at home.
Start Date/Time
04-20-2017 3:00pm
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04-20-2017 4:00pm
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Eran Arden, CEO of Timocco
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