GATE 2013 in Atlanta, GA

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GA Assistive Technology in Education (GATE) 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Diving Beneath the Surface: A Closer Look at Tablets, Apps and Accessibility

Presenters: Carolyn Phillips & Martha Rust, Tools for Life

Session Description:

Before you finish reading this paragraph, 8 more app will be released to the public. As the economy recovers and mobile technology solutions evolve, many more schools are implementing the bring your own technology (BYOT) model to enhance educational success for their students. AT professionals are considered the experts when it comes to these devices, apps and how these solutions can assist students with disabilities. There are significant differences among the tablets and the apps that can be used on them. Participants will explore the Tools for Life AppFinder, various tablets, associated accessibility features and which apps are most helpful so that students will achieve academic success.

Tools for Life’s Top 10: Assistive Technology Solutions promoting Inclusion

Presenters: Carolyn Phillips & Martha Rust, Tools for Life

Session Description:

We are currently experiencing a drastic technology evolution that is revolutionizing the field of Assistive Technology and producing life changing results for individuals with disabilities. Assistive Technology tools have the capacity for increasing a student’s independence, increasing inclusion, promoting depth of learning, and providing equal access in educational settings. Truly promoting inclusion and accommodating students with various types of tools are no longer just ideas. This session will explore tools and resources for inclusion that are changing the way students with disabilities live, learn, work & play. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact directly with Tools for Life’s “Top 10 AT Solutions!”

Tips for a Successful Educational Environment for Students with Disabilities

Presenters: Martha Rust & Liz Persaud, Tools for Life

Session Description:

During this session individuals will have the opportunity to learn about applications that can be used in the classroom. This session will focus on the use of apps that can be used in the classroom and using the iPad for student led IEPs. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore the use of fidget tools in the classroom for student who have ADHD.

Across the Table: Personal & Professional Perspectives

Presenters: Carolyn Phillips & Liz Persaud, Tools for Life

Session Description:

Many of us have sat at "the table" making decisions that often have a significant impact on lives of students with disabilities. We, too, have sat at that decision making table on many occasions and in various roles. Most people know us as professionals in the AT community, but we both have personal experiences in the AT field that have impacted and informed our professional lives. Join us as we reflect back, look forward and share a little bit of our story of lessons learned and resources that helped us as we stumbled along the way. We will also share tips on developing self-determination skills, tricks of how to climb out of transition gaps and resources to help build bridges to better services & support.

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