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AT and Transition for Students with High Incidence Disabilities

Georgia Educational Technology Conference (GaETC) 2019

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A survey of 47 students with high incidence disabilities in the university system in Georgia who received assistive technology (AT) supports was conducted to discover: (a) what percentage of students came to post-secondary education comfortable with assistive technology, and (b) how does the success of students who come prepared to use AT compare to that of students who come and are not prepared to use AT? Performance (measured by grade point average) in high school was compared to that achieved during the first year of college. Anecdotal comments by students confirm the survey’s findings that students who have become comfortable using AT before coming to college have greater likelihood, but no guarantee, of success in college.

Ben Satterfield, Ed.D., Tools for Life
Carolyn Phillips, M.Ed., CPACC, Tools for Life

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Phillips, C. & Satterfield, B. (2019). AT and Transition for Students with High Incidence Disabilities. Presented at 2019 Georgia Educational Technology Conference, Atlanta, GA. 2019.