Georgia Power ADAPPT: Virtual Presentation - June 2020

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Tools for Life: Your Assistive Technology Act Program!

Georgia Power, Alliance of Differently-Abled People in Power [Working] Together (ADAPPT)

June 24, 2020

The world around us is evolving at an astounding rate. Assistive Technology, or AT, has been foundational in this evolution and a catalyst for positive life-changing results for individuals with disabilities. AT can increase opportunities for employment, community living, social interactions, safety, and home care, just to name a few, and can be a key component to independent living.

Come find out how your Assistive Technology Act Program in Georgia, Tools for Life, can help you help your clients!

Tools for Life increases independence for Georgians with disabilities by providing access to and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services. The TFL Network is fulfilling the intent of the Tech Act through core statewide activities. This session will look into the Tools for Life program, provide information on cutting edge smart home technologies, and explore how AT can support the aging population, as well as employees with disabilities. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about AT best practices, AT services, and disability awareness so you and those you work with can benefit from these services to achieve independence.

Liz Persaud, Training and Outreach Coordinator
Sam Peters, Program Specialist
Ciara Montes, AT Specialist
Tori Hughes Holder, Outreach Specialist

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Hughes Holder, T., Montes, C., Persaud, L., and Peters, S. (2020) Tools for Life: Your Assistive Technology Act Program. Presented virtually to Georgia Power, Atlanta, GA. 2020