Paideia School Presentation - January 2020

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Understanding Assistive Technology and Disability Awareness

Tools for Life | Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation

January 28, 2020

In this session we cover the AT program and the services provided through TFL for Georgians, an introduction to assistive technology (AT) and how it can be beneficial to anyone with a disability and also the different types of AT including low-tech, mid-tech and high-tech. This included the demonstration of some equipment to further explore AT. We discussed the guiding principles of TFL and models such as the SETT Framework and the HAAT model. Lastly, this session provided a brief overview of the medical vs. social model of disability and disability awareness.

Rachel Wilson, AT Specialist, Tools for Life
Sam Peters, Program Specialist, Tools for Life
Annabel Joyner, AT Lab Specialist, Tools for Life

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Wilson, R., Peters, S. and Joyner, A. (2020). Understanding Assistive Technology and Disability Awareness. Presented at Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation, Atlanta, GA. 2020.