SC Assistive Technology Expo 2015

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South Carolina Assistive Technology Program Expo

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Making Text Accessible for Individuals with Print Disabilities

Presenters: Carolyn Phillips, GA Tools for Life‎; Val Gioia, All for Access; and Mike Leonard, EMC

Various ways that text can be delivered to individuals with print disabilities, such as accessing digital text by converting text to MP3 files, computer accessibility options, text-to-speech, high contrast options, enlarged text and more.

Ready to Launch

Presenters: Carolyn Phillips, GA Tools for Life; Jonathan Cruce, SC Vocational Rehabiliation Department; and Jason Ray, Simply Home

Strategies and tools to help young adults move from high school to “real life” at work, in higher education, and in the community. How different programs use assistive technology to help young adults with various disabilities (including autism) live more independently. Programs such as The LIFE Program and Simply Home. Some solutions are also useful for adults of all ages.

Pass It On: Expanding the Outreach of Assistive Technology

Presenter: Carolyn Phillips, Tools for Life

Assistive Technology (AT) Reuse continues to grow as a national priority. Over 220 AT Reuse programs have been established to assist people with disabilities, their families, and circles of support to exchange or refurbish AT that they no longer use. Other individuals that lack insurance or don’t qualify for traditional funding solutions are seeking affordable, used assistive technology, including durable medical equipment, to meet their needs. The National Assistive Technology Device Reutilization Coordination and Technical Assistance Center known as the Pass It On Center is working with an established network of AT Reuse Programs to discover promising practices, define indicators of quality and promote safe and effective reuse of equipment. Assistive Technology Reuse programs accept donated Assistive Technology that is no longer used by others and properly sanitizes, refurbishes, identifies appropriate users, and matches the equipment to those who would otherwise go without. Appropriate assistive technology allows individuals with disabilities to lead independent and successful lives at school, work, or in their community. Underserved, underinsured and minimal financial options can be an overwhelming barrier to obtaining appropriate assistive technology. The Pass It On Center has collected data that shows the case for reuse of assistive technology as one possible solution and not a replacement for new equipment. This session will define and share successful reuse practices, discuss when reuse is appropriate, provide resources for establishing an AT reuse network, and expand upon the need for AT reuse in the rehabilitation world. The Pass It On Center has also created a website that is dedicated to promoting successful practices for AT reuse and assisting in shaping solutions for AT reuse programs. Information about these resources and where to find your local AT reuse program will be shared.