TFL Webinar: What can Google do for you?

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What can Google do for you?

Thursday September 17, 2015

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST


Pat Satterfield, Center for AT Excellence

Lee Green, Instructional Technologist, Google Educator, Floyd County Board of Education


We all use and know what Google is, but have you ever wondered, "What can Google do for me and my students in the classroom, throughout the transition process, and into postsecondary and work environments?" Between Google Apps, Google Drive, Gmail, and Chromebooks, there are many tools at your disposal within the Google-verse. Join us for an exploratory webinar that will show you what Google has available for you, your students, and anyone seeking tools to help provide structure, organization, task management, and much more. Google and various Google products are used every day by students and working professionals to reduce stress and help manage responsibilities. For individuals living with disabilities, Google products and services have opened the door for more access and ease-of-use when using the computer and mobile devices. During this webinar, presenters will not only share information about the benefits to accessing Google apps and products, but also identify limitations encountered by some individuals with disabilities and how to overcome them with various resources.

What can Google do for you? PDF Presentation