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Meet the TFL Team

Meet the TFL Team

The TFL team includes Assistive Technology professionals from a variety of backgrounds including certified and licensed rehabilitation counselors, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, gerontologists, certified assistive technology professionals, Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC), UX certifications and research scientists, as well as educators, and information professionals. 

TFL Leadership

Martha Rust headshot

Martha Rust

Interim Associate Director at CIDI and Principal Investigator at Tools for Life
Christie George headshot

Christie George

Program and Operations Manager Sr. / TFL Outreach Manager
Hunter McFeron headshot

Hunter McFeron

Assistive Technology Services Acquisition Manager

Tools for Life Team

Tori Hughes Adamson Headshot

Tori Hughes Adamson

Outreach Specialist
Sarah Endicott headshot

Sarah Endicott

Research Scientist
Justin Fuller-Green headshot

Justin Fuller-Green

Assistive Technology Specialist
Sal Kibler Headshot

Martha "Sal" Kibler

Kelly Kolman headshot

Kelly Kolman

Kayla Malone Headshot

Kayla Malone

Graphic Designer
Carolyn Phillips headshot

Carolyn Phillips

Director of Services and Learning
Jennifer Ro Headshot

Jennifer Ro

Speech-Language Pathologist
Ben Satterfield headshot

Dr. Ben Satterfield

Research Associate
Rachel Scarboro Headshot

Rachel Scarboro

Assistive Technology Specialist

Tools for Life Advisory Council

The AT Act requires an Advisory Council that represents the State of Georgia geographically, is a reflection of the diversity of the State with respect to race, ethnicity, and types of disabilities across the age span, and it's make up includes a majority of users of the types of devices or services that an individual with a disability may receive. The Advisory Council also includes representatives from partner State Agencies.

The primary functions of the advisory council are:

  • To serve as ambassadors of the AT Act program
  • To assist with the development of the three year State Plan for Assistive Technology (SPAT) submitted to the Administration on Community Living, US Department of Health and Human Services
  • To assist the program with implementing and evaluating the activities identified in the SPAT and suggesting amendments, if needed, based on the Annual Progress Report (APR)
  • To provide a stakeholder voice about issues related to access to and acquisition of assistive technology in the state the program serves
  • To provide input to other agencies and or partners in order to improve AT services within the state

The roles of council members include advocating for increasing access to assistive technology, promoting public awareness of the program’s activities, making recommendations for programs and services, and serving as a statewide resource for information. The Council meets at least twice per year and all meetings are accessible online for the convenience of the members. 

TFL Staff with Advisory Board

TFL staff and Advisory Board members at Spring 2024 Advisory Board Meeting.
1st row left to right: Trish Redmon, Tori Adamson, Rachel Scarboro, Jennifer Ro, Martha Rust, Paris Carter 
2nd row: Kristin White, Christine Fleming, Kelly Kolman, Stacey Peace, Danny Housley, Sal Kibler, Hunter McFeron 
3rd row: Chris Brand, Johan Rempel, John Toles, Ben Satterfield 


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