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AT Services

AT Services

AT Services help Georgians with disabilities and older adults learn about, try out, and acquire the assistive technology that best meets their needs. TFL's lending library includes hundreds of devices to assist with daily living, vision, hearing, communication, as well as recreation and specific needs for aging adults. Demonstrations and Loans are available to help you learn about and try out AT.

A good way to think about assistive technology (AT) is by identifying function – what is it the device will help a person with a disability do... 

Find AT that Works for You

There are many different types of assistive technology devices and applications that can help individuals accomplish tasks like:

  • reading or enlarging text
  • listening to a book 
  • using a keyboard or tablet
  • helping with everyday tasks like dispensing pills or cooking dinner

Tools for Life can help you identify the functions and features of AT devices so you can learn about the AT that best meets your needs and assists you in completing your tasks. Learn more about AT Demonstrations and the AT Lending Library below.

AT Demonstrations

TFL staff and guest in aging lab.

TFL staff and members of the TFL network provide AT device demonstrations so you can learn about the types of AT devices that can meet your needs. Device demonstrations are designed to assist you in making an informed decision regarding the AT you need. 

AT Device Demonstrations are provided by TFL knowledgeable and experienced Assistive Technology Specialists to explore what AT may help accomplish tasks at school, work, home, and in the community. 

This free service is offered by appointment to individuals with disabilities, their family members, and support providers at our Atlanta location.

An AT demonstration provides you with an opportunity to:

  • explore and compare features and functions of several AT devices
  • learn about different features and functions of AT devices
  • make decisions about AT that will best meet your needs

During an assistive technology demonstration, you will learn more about general and specific features of AT solutions to see if they support your needs and help you perform specific tasks or goals. 

The goal of a device demonstration is to assist you in making an informed decision regarding the AT that will meet your needs.

TFL AT Lending Library

TFL maintains a large and comprehensive library of devices that can be borrowed so that you can try out AT to help you make an informed AT decision. AT device loans allow individuals to borrow AT for a limited time period to try out and determine if a device will meet their needs. AT device loans are available to people with disabilities and their families, as well as providers of education, health, employment, and related services.

AT device loans are available for several purposes, but the most frequent use is to assist in decision-making for purchase, to try AT without cost for a limited time. 

Information and Referrals

Tools for Life provides information and referrals to help Georgians learn about the availability and benefits of assistive technology and assistive technology services. TFL also provides information on other resources including available funding sources that help people with disabilities and older adults obtain assistive technology to meet their needs. 

See our new resource TFL Report for the Three Year Plan, for Fiscal Years 2021 - 2023


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