Collage of TFL AT labs and devices.

Explore AT

Explore AT

TFL maintains a number of AT Labs showcasing assistive technology from simple to complex for daily living needs, vision, hearing, and communication, as well as labs with devices to support the needs of aging Georgians. Specialized labs include adaptive gaming, environmental controls, and tools and technology to support individuals with sensory regulation needs.

Assistive Technology includes the products, equipment, and systems that enhance learning, working, and daily living for people with disabilities and aging adults. 


Assistive Technology can range from low tech to high tech and includes daily living devices such as canes and walkers, spoons and other tools that assist in independent feeding, timers and talking calendars to computer technologies such as alternative keyboards and input devices, environmental controls, smart home devices to mobility technology including wheelchairs and adaptive driving controls to recreational devices such as adaptive gaming technology and more. 

AT Labs at Our Atlanta Location

  • Assistive Technology for Daily Living 

  • Assistive Technology for Hearing and Vision 

  • AAC – Augmentative and Alternative Communication 

  • Assistive Technology for Aging in Place and Dementia 

  • Environmental Control and Sensory Lab 

  • AT and Intimacy Lab 

  • Adaptive Gaming 

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adaptive gaming controls

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App Finder

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Also be sure to check out our TFL App Finder for recommendations on AT apps for iPhone, iPads, and Android devices and other tablets.

Other Resources for Exploring AT

AT3, the National Assistive Technology Act Technical Assistance and Training (AT3) Center maintains a clearing house with information and resources on many different assistive technologies for education, employment, and community living for all ages and abilities.